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Havana Brown Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Havana Brown cat is a cat breed originating from England. This cat breed is famous for its intelligence, charming appearance, and lovable personality.

With brown fur, Havana Brown cats are seen as fine chocolate bars or cigars.

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Havana Brown cat origin

Although it is called Havana, Cuba, this cat breed originates from England. It is known that Havana Brown is the result of crossbreeding between Siamese cats and other cat breeds. Because in the 20th century, blue pet cats were not accepted. So, around the 1950s, these cats were bred with brown pet cats. Since then, chocolate brown cats have been born.

In addition, Havana Brown cats also have other names, such as British Brown Cat and Swiss Mountain cat.

Havana Brown – British Brown Cat – Swiss Mountain.
Havana Brown – British Brown Cat – Swiss Mountain.

By the 1950s, this cat breed was introduced to North American countries. In 1959, the International Cat Breed Association accepted the Havana Brown as an official breed. Not stopping there, in 1964, the Havana Brown cat was recognized as the first place of the CFA. Since then, they have become famous and widely propagated. But in 1974, cross-breeding programs with this cat breed were officially banned to ensure the quality of the gene source.

Appearance characteristics of the Havana Brown cat

People will immediately think of chocolate brown cats when mentioning Havana Brown cats.

Havana Brown cats are classified as medium-sized. When mature, the cat will be about 35 – 40cm tall and weigh 4 – 6kg. The cat’s body is quite square and firm. Their backs are long and have strong, rugged spines.

Havana Brown looks quite “bulky” with developed chest, hips, and thigh muscles. At the same time, cats’ shoulder muscles are also quite large, so the body and shoulders often have folds. That’s why the emperor looks quite “sticky and meaty.”

Havana Brown cat’s lower body is also very developed, with a compact and flat hind abdomen. However, the body is larger than the other parts, causing the cat to have unbalanced body proportions.

Havana Brown has a long, slender tail that always curves upward.

The head of the brown cat is rounded and slightly pointed at the chin and is quite small in size.

The jaw is quite small, slim, and pointed forward. On the head are small triangular ears that always point forward.

Havana Brown cat has very bright and round eyes. The common eye color in British brown cats is pale yellow.

The cat’s nose is very small and slim, and the tip of the nose is arched.

The British brown cat’s teeth have sharp fangs, so the bite is quite deep.

In general, cats have very strong legs. Their hind legs are usually longer than their front legs and often spread backward.

The elbow part has a very good angle compared to the body. That’s why they move very quickly and flexibly.

Cats’ toes are small, round, short, and slightly curved. At the same time, the flesh cushion under the skin helps cats move well on all terrains. Cats look very gentle and flexible when walking, running, and jumping.

This is also what makes them unique compared to other pet cat breeds. Their short, shiny fur and characteristic chocolate brown color have helped them earn the name “fine cigars.”

Because they are called Havana Brown, they only have one glossy brown coat color.

The cat’s whiskers on both sides of its mouth grow long, straight, and white as hair.

Personality characteristics of the Havana Brown cat

Havana Brown cats have an introverted personality. They often have a lot of affection for their owners. In particular, brown cats always want to participate in the activities of family members. So if you choose this cat breed, you must spend a lot of time with them!

Havana Brown Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

British brown cats are also quite active and curious about everything around them. However, they only want to operate near their owners.

In addition, with a high IQ, cats learn and absorb very well. Memory training lessons are always learned quickly.

How to care for Havana Brown cats


Havana Brown cat food has a fairly simple taste. They love to eat lean meat from chicken, beef, and fish.

You can feed them dry nuts or pate if you don’t have time. Add more vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, green vegetables, etc., to give the cat more fiber.

Note that cats should not eat foods that are too greasy or spicy. In addition, cow’s milk, chocolate, or cheese are also harmful foods for the emperor.

Coat care and hygiene

The brown cat’s fur is quite short and sheds little. Therefore, the lotus can brush the cat’s coat at least once a week.

Your cat’s toenails should be trimmed about every 2 weeks. Also, clean the ear if it is dirty. You can use a special cat cleaner recommended by your doctor.

At the same time, brushing your cat’s teeth regularly is also essential. You can use pet toothpaste and brush at least twice a week. This will help cats prevent dental diseases.

Health care

The average lifespan of brown cats is usually 13 – 15 years. They can live longer if raised in good conditions with a scientific diet.

In general, Havana Brown cats have good health and rarely get sick. However, this breed of cat may be susceptible to calcium oxalate stones in the urinary tract. Pay attention and let your cat drink plenty of water to avoid stones. At the same time, limit feeding poor quality seeds.

To optimally protect cats, cats must be fully vaccinated.

In addition, there is a quite dangerous disease for all cat breeds that lotus often indirectly causes: Obesity. This disease makes cats too lazy to exercise, affecting the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, right from the time you adopt a cat, you must have a healthy and balanced cat diet. Letting your catwalk, run, or install climbing plants in the house is also a good idea.

How do Havana Brown cats breed?

Havana Brown cats usually start breeding when they are 1 year old.
Their breeding process is the same as that of other cat breeds. Pregnancy lasts from 60 to 74 days.

When they are 8 years old, Havana Brown cats will finish their reproductive process. The mother cat will give birth to 6 – 8 litters of kittens throughout her entire life cycle. Cats usually give birth to about 5 – 8 kittens in each litter.

Havana Brown cat price

Currently, this British brown cat breed is relatively popular on the market.

The price of a Havana Brown cat can vary widely depending on several factors, including its pedigree, age, health, and where you are purchasing it from. Havana Brown cats are a relatively rare and sought-after breed, which can also influence their price.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more for a Havana Brown cat from a reputable breeder. Show-quality or purebred Havana Browns with excellent pedigrees may cost even more.

It’s essential to do your research and choose a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their cats.

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