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Dwelf Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Dwelf Cat is a relatively late appearance in cat breeds. These cats have a unique and somewhat peculiar appearance.

The Dwelf Cat is often called the “elf cat” due to its distinctive ears. Today, DailyPets.net will provide you with information about these fascinating feline creatures!

Origin of the Dwelf Cat

The Dwelf Cat is a relatively new breed that emerged in the 21st century in the United States. These cats were first bred in 2009, and breeders consider them to be in the experimental stage. Any organization does not officially recognize them.

This breed is believed to have close genetic ties to the Canadian Sphynx, American Curl, and Munchkin cats. They are the result of a genetic mutation when breeding these three dog breeds. This breed is known by names such as Dwelf Cat, Dolfes Cat, and Elf Cat.

Physical Characteristics of the Dwelf Cat

The Dwelf Cat is categorized as a medium-sized breed. An adult Dwelf Cat typically reaches:

  • Height: approximately 20 – 25 cm
  • Weight: around 2 – 3 kg

The head of the Dwelf Cat is somewhat short and wide, and their ears are large, triangular, and often point upward and towards each other. This unique ear shape is why they are called “elf cats.” Their almond-shaped eyes are relatively large and not too far apart. The eyes commonly come in shades of green, gray, or blue. The nose is small, straight, not too long, and triangular, typically black.

Dwelf Cat.
Dwelf Cat.

The Dwelf Cat’s body is well-proportioned and soft. They have a small, round neck with a sturdy neck bone. Their back is straight and relatively long, and the chest is somewhat prominent. Their legs are straight sturdy, and their paws are large with evenly developed toes. The tail is long, tapering towards the tip and wider at the base.

The Dwelf Cat’s distinctive feature is its lack of fur. Their entire body is covered with smooth, soft, and warm skin. Their skin comes in various colors, with shades of pink, cream, and red being common.

Personality Traits of the Dwelf Cat

Dwelf Cats are known for being highly affectionate, charming, and sociable felines. They are typically very friendly towards people and can play with children. Their soft, furless skin is often a hit with kids. They can also coexist harmoniously with other cats. Dwelf Cats desire to be loved as a part of the family, making them excellent pets for households.

These cats are intelligent and loyal. They display dedication and loyalty to their owners, readily fulfilling their requests. Occasionally, they may seek praise and affection from their owners.

The Lifespan of the Dwelf Cat

Dwelf Cats have a relatively long lifespan. On average, these cats can live between 12 to 15 years. They are considered relatively healthy among cat breeds, as their genetic mutation isn’t extreme, ensuring good health. However, they are prone to issues related to their skin and fur. Their fur is prone to shedding, particularly in changing weather conditions. Regular check-ups are recommended to maintain their health.

Dwelf Cat care

Caring for a Dwelf Cat is a unique responsibility due to their distinctive characteristics. With hairless skin, they require special attention to skincare. Protection from extreme temperatures, such as sunburn prevention with pet-safe sunscreen, is essential.

Regular baths using gentle, hypoallergenic cat shampoo are necessary to keep their skin clean. Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is crucial, as they are sensitive to cold and hot weather.

These affectionate cats thrive on social interaction, so spending quality time with cuddles and interactive play is a must.

Providing a balanced diet, regular veterinary check-ups, a clean litter box, and skin care with moisturizing pet lotion are all part of their care routine. To engage their intelligent minds, offer toys, puzzles, and scratching posts. Dwelf Cats are known for their sociable nature, and they often enjoy the company of other cats and dogs if you have multiple pets. Tailoring their care to their needs and preferences is key to ensuring their well-being.

Regular communication with a veterinarian is crucial for addressing unique concerns about their appearance and health.

Dwelf Cat price

Dwelf Cats are not very common in the market and are primarily raised in North America. They are not known for adapting well, so they have not become widespread. The price of Dwelf Cats is quite high, with cats on the market typically ranging from $2000 to $4000.

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