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Pungsan Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Pungsan Dog is a dog breed originating from North Korea. They are named after the Pungsan area in North Korea, where they have been raised and grown for centuries.

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Pungsan dog origin

The Pungsan is a hunting dog breed in North Korea. Their name comes from the northern part of Pungsan, where they were first bred. This breed was crossed with wolves.

The Pungsan dog breed was rare and almost unknown outside North Korea until 2000, when the late leader Kim Jong Il gave one to the former president of South Korea. Next, in 2018, leader Kim Jong Un gave President Moon Jae In a pair of Pungsan dogs, so this dog breed became more known.

Koreans today are still maintaining the breed and consider the Pungsan dog as the “national dog” of this country.

Appearance characteristics of Pungsan dog

The Pungsan dog looks very toned and healthy. Has a body height of about 45 – 55cm, weight 22 -28 kg. The head is balanced, the forehead is flat, and the muzzle is square and elongated. Strong teeth. The eyes are black around the eyes, so they look smaller. Its small, triangular ears are placed at the highest point of the head. This dog has 2 straight front legs and strong, strong hind legs. The long, silky tail curls upwards in an O shape.

Pungsan Dog.
Pungsan Dog.

This dog breed usually has thick, white fur. Thick fur helps them withstand the cold in winter.

Pungsan dog personality traits

Korean Pungsan dogs are famous for their intelligence and agility. Many years ago, dogs were trained to hunt because they were faster than other dogs. In addition to hunting, they are also famous for protecting their owners. Don’t be afraid or surrender to dangerous difficulties. They are ready to fight strongly against their enemies. Once prey or enemies appear, they rush in, bite, and don’t let go.

As a dog breed genetically mixed with a wolf, Korean Pungsan dogs are very wild and difficult to train. You must be very patient when training them. It will be obedient, easy-going, sociable, and friendly if properly trained. It will be a wonderful, strong, and diligent friend who accompanies us on every journey.

How to take care of Pungsan dogs

Living condition

Pungsan dogs need to be in cool and cool places. They have thick fur, so they are suitable for cold weather. Furthermore, this breed of dog is hyperactive and strong, so keep them in a spacious place where they can run and jump freely.


Pungsan dogs need to be provided with enough suitable food. They especially like to eat chicken, beef… Make sure you have enough vitamins and fiber, such as vegetables, tubers, and fruits. Avoid greasy, rancid foods and unclean drinking water because it will seriously affect the intestines and digestion.


Because the fur is thick, you must take care of it and wash it regularly. Clean your ears and eyes regularly to avoid infection.

Pungsan dog lifespan

Like many other dog breeds, the lifespan of a Pungsan dog typically ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, individual dogs may live shorter or longer depending on their health and living conditions.

Providing your Pungsan with proper care, including regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a loving home environment, can contribute to your pet’s longer and healthier life.

Pungsan dog price

North Korea is a fairly closed and independent country. Meanwhile, this Pungsan species is considered the “National dog of North Korea,” so bringing it to market is very difficult. Most of these dogs are only given to heads of state because they symbolize peace and friendship.

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