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Hokkaido Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Hokkaido dog (Hokkaido Ken, Ainu, or Seta) originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. This dog breed is famous for being strong, loyal, and devoted to its owners.

The Hokkaido dog named Otousan once had the opportunity to appear in a series of advertising series in the Land of the Rising Sun of SoftBank Group. They also appear in advertisements for iPhones. Since then, the Hokkaido breed has become famous and sought after by many people.

Hokkaido dog origin

Hokkaido is one of the six indigenous dog breeds with the longest historical roots in Japan. Until now, the exact origin of this Hokkaido dog breed has not been determined.

Hokkaido Dog.
Hokkaido Dog.

There is information that this dog breed has an ancestor with the Matagi Ken breed (Matagi Ken is a breed that originated more than 3000 years ago). More than 3000 years ago, the Ainu people from the Tohoku region brought this breed. After the Ainu people were pushed by the Japanese natives to Hokkaido, they brought these dogs with them. In the new land of Hokkaido, this breed of dog, over many generations, has been able to adapt to the harsh cold weather in this place. Later, the dog breed of the Ainu people was named Hokkaido to coincide with the name of the land where they lived. However, they are better known as Ainu. This dog breed is recognized as Ainu by the International Kennel Federation.

Appearance characteristics of Hokkaido dogs

Hokkaido is a medium-sized dog. They have a toned body and well-developed muscles. Usually, an adult male Hokkaido dog is slightly larger than the female one.

– Weight: 20-30 kg

– Height: 46 – 56 cm

Hokkaido Inu dogs are very healthy. Their heads are large and proportional to their bodies. The forehead is contrasted, and on the forehead, there is a line that divides their heads into two equal parts. Small, triangular ears stand erect on top of their heads. Their eyes are small, black, and very sharp. The nose with a large nasal cavity helps them to smell very well. They are a breed of dog with strong and sharp teeth, so in the past, they were used by people in the Hokkaido region to hunt bears.

Hokkaido Dog breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

These Hokkaidos have a rectangular-shaped body. Their legs are firm, and their feet padded to walk in the white snow. Ainu often possess thick fur that covers their entire body. Their fur is made up of two layers and is relatively thick, so they can adapt to the cold weather of Hokkaido. Their fur is usually red, brown, white, yellow, dark gray,…

Hokkaido dog personality traits

Hokkaido Inu is a courageous, intelligent dog breed with good strategies. Those are the reasons why they were often used by the ancient Ainu people in hunting. They are also a very loyal dog. They are not afraid to sacrifice themselves to protect their owners, even if the threat is aggressive bears. This Hokkaido dog breed wants respect, especially from family members.

With his strength and agility in the snow. They are also used as sled dogs for large farms in the Hokkaido region of Japan. Ainu is also an obedient dog and loves to cuddle with its owner. They love family members, especially children. However, you should also adopt and train them to make them easier to control.

This Ainu breed is very independent in thinking. When you raise them, you not only love them, but you also have to be a leader. They only follow orders they think make sense. In particular, this Hokkaido dog breed is a hunting dog. Therefore, they do not like to live with other small animals in the house

How to take care of Hokkaido Ainu dogs

The Hokkaido dog is a hunting dog breed that specializes in cold climates. Therefore, they need a lot of exercise and regular training. Luckily, these dogs are also incredibly healthy. They usually won’t need much medical care outside standard vet visits.

Food and diet for Hokkaido Inu dogs

Hokkaido dogs like to exercise a lot, so they may need more calories than other dogs of the same size. Look for dog foods high in protein and suitable for an active lifestyle.

If you like to make your dog food, combine low-fat meats and hearty vegetables like green beans and carrots. Consult your veterinarian to ensure your dog gets the nutrition he needs to thrive.

Hair care for Hokkaido Ainu dogs

Hokkaido dogs have a thick double coat that helps them stay warm in winter. This coat is short but needs regular brushing to prevent excessive shedding or shedding. You should brush your Hokkaido Inu at least twice a week and bathe them monthly.

Hokkaido dog training

Originally, the Hokkaido Ainu dog was a hunting dog. They are easy to train, but you should start training them early to make teaching easier. Certainly, puppies are always more obedient than adult dogs.

Exercises for Ainu dogs

Hokkaido dogs need moderate to high-intensity exercise. These dogs perform best when they have access to spacious play areas such as parks, football fields, etc.

In addition to letting loose, you should also take your Ainu dog for about 30-40 minutes a day. This time will allow you to bond with your pet and ensure that they are burning off any excess energy.

Ainu dogs also enjoy playing fetch, chasing prey, and participating in other hunting-type activities.

Health of Hokkaido dogs

The Hokkaido breed has a relatively good health. They always maintain a healthy body. However, they also often suffer from eye, muscle, skin, and allergies. Therefore, when caring for them, you should take them for regular checkups as directed by a veterinarian

These Hokkaido dogs have an average life span of 11-13 years. However, if you take care of it properly, Seta will probably live longer.

Hokkaido dog price

Like other purebred dogs, the price of a Hokkaido dog can vary widely depending on several factors, including the dog’s age, pedigree, health, breeder reputation, and geographic location. Hokkaido dogs are a relatively rare breed, so finding a reputable breeder may be a bit challenging.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or more for a Hokkaido dog puppy from a responsible breeder. Show-quality Hokkaido dogs with exceptional pedigrees may cost even more.

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