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American Wirehair Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The American Wirehair cat is an intelligent American cat with a unique wavy coat. This is a natural mutant cat breed, listed as one of the rarest cat breeds in the world.

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The Origin and History of the American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair is a natural mutant from the American Shorthair. Recorded history first appeared in 1966 in a litter of five kittens born in Vernon, upstate New York. The owner of these early American wavy cats was a breeder named Joan O’Shea.

Of the 41 species of cats present at the Cat Fanciers Association, the American Wirehair cat is the most recognized as the rarest. Not only that, their numbers also decreased year by year; until 2003, there were only 22 cats in the world.

Appearance characteristics of the American Wirehair cat

The body of American Wirehair cats can only be described with two words: “perfect.” Their lines are extremely delicate and delicate. The body parts are very well-proportioned. The weight of the American Wirehair cat male is quite modest, only ranging from 3 to 6 kg, despite being an adult. Females can weigh a bit more, about 6-8 kg as an adult.

American Wirehair Cat.
American Wirehair Cat.

The appearance of the American Wirehair cat is considered to be similar to the American Shorthair cat. Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the plumage. The American Wirehair’s coat is coarser and somewhat similar to that of dogs, possibly even hunting dogs. They have wavy and elastic fur. Since coats are coarse, grooming them every day is unnecessary.

The American Wirehair cat has a pretty good appearance and looks very approachable. Probably thanks in part to her beautiful, small, and erect ears. The American Wirehair cat also possesses a lovely round face, high cheekbones, and a sharp, sophisticated muzzle.

The coat color of the American Wirehair cat is quite diverse, and so is the eye color. Those eye colors include yellow, blue, and amber.

Personality characteristics of the American Wirehair cat

Similar in appearance, the American Shorthair and the American Wirehair are also similar in personality. They are both friendly and easygoing cats. They like to be around people. They treat everyone with the most tenderness and affection. More specifically, they are equally good with other animals. For other cats, it may be jealous when owners share their affection with other cats, but the American Wirehair cat never does.

Not only gentle, the American Wirehair cat is also an intelligent and understanding species. When they see their owner sad, they will use actions such as stroking the owner’s face to show sympathy. They are obedient every day and play tricks to make everyone happy. Those are probably wonderful traits rare for a cat, which explains why people love them so much.

The American Wirehair cat is an understanding and easygoing species; they accept to stay at home to play on their own to wait for their owners to come home. When the owner returns, they will obediently play and rejoice with the owner and fall asleep without complaining because the owner does not spend time with them.

The American Wirehair cat is truly a great companion for cat lovers. They are gentle, intelligent, sometimes humorous, sometimes affectionate and quiet.

Health Problems American Wirehair Cats May Have

The American Wirehair cat does not have any genetic diseases. Careful breeding will produce a healthy new generation, disease-resistant and one of the healthiest and easiest to care for. In addition, owners should regularly brush their hair because the hair inside the ears is coarse and curly, so it is easy to accumulate earwax. If you regularly clean your ears, you will prevent ear diseases caused by blocked auditory canals.

Some American Wirehair cats may also have oily skin. But instead of brushing, many breeders recommend bathing with a mild shampoo to avoid damaging the coat. You should use a soft towel or hair dryer; do not brush or comb when the hair is wet. It is best to consult with feline experts on how to care for an American Wirehair cat, as not all cats are alike, and some coat traits can be inherited from the parents.

Some breeders report that the American Wirehair cat breed will develop skin and coat diseases when exposed to stress or changes in weather. At that time, the most curly hairs will be vulnerable and at risk of breakage.

American Wirehair Cat Care

The American Wirehair cat is adorable, affectionate, and easy to care for. When raising this breed of cat in the family, you need to pay attention to a few issues:

American Wirehair Cat Diet

For cats, Dietary nutrition needs a full range of food groups: Starch, fiber, vitamins, protein, fat, etc. Pay attention to feeding your cat fresh, well-cooked food. Do not give your cat poor-quality, greasy, hot, spicy food.

If you are busy, you should alternate feeding your cat with nutritious nuts. Find and buy branded seeds, and ensure reputation so cats do not have kidney and intestinal diseases. Each meal should contain a portion suitable for body weight, avoiding obesity. In particular, you should give your cat plenty of water to drink.

The cat needs to go to the toilet

American hairy cats are quite picky about going to the toilet. They only go in clean sand bowls without stench or unpleasantness. Therefore, you should choose the type of sand that suits your cat’s preferences.

Cat urine and waste should be cleaned every day. Do not let the litter box smell so the cat goes to the toilet elsewhere in the house.

Bathing and cleaning American Wirehair cats

Periodically you should bathe your cat once a week if the cat often plays with dirty fur. Pay attention to cleaning the ear cavity, nose, and eyes. Occasionally trim the cat’s nails and brush the cat’s coat to keep the cat’s coat soft.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that cats often shed more or less depending on the season. To minimize this, you should use a moisturizing shampoo for the hair. Brush once a month to reduce shedding.

Besides, you should brush your cat’s teeth weekly. Maintaining this habit will help your cat’s mouth not smell bad, reduce periodontal disease, and strengthen teeth.

Annual health care for American Wirehair cats

Despite being a beautiful cat breed, the American Wirehair cat also needs careful care. For cats to be less susceptible to minor diseases, develop well, and increase their lifespan, you should care about their health.

American Wirehair kittens should be fully vaccinated and dewormed. Once into adulthood, continue to take your cat to the vet for routine checkups and injections. Or trim the coat when the cat is shedding too much.

American Wirehair Cat Training

The American Wirehair cat also needs a physical exercise regimen. Instead of letting the pet cat eat, sleep, and play by itself, it can easily lead to inactivity and obesity. Ideally, you should reduce starch and high-fat foods on the menu. Combine for cats to walk, run, and jump often.

Train your American Wirehair cat to exercise from an early age so that they gradually get used to this schedule. You can buy more toys for the cat to chase and play without getting bored when the owner is busy.

Every week, you should spend 1-2 hours for your pet cat to walk in the park. This is also a way for the owner and cat’s feelings to become closer and closer.

Where to buy American Wirehair cats? How much?

Because of the small number, the problem of buying and selling American Wirehair cats is quite limited. They are not popular worldwide, so to buy this breed, you also need to contact pet stores specializing in importing strange cats.

The price for a hybrid or mixed American Wirehair cat is quite low, only around $100. However, with a cat raised by reputable breeders, the price is not low and can range from $800 to $ 1200.

To own an American Wirehair cat, you can try to buy it on reputable online sites, but the quantity is also very rare.

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