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American Shorthair Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The American Shorthair cat, the Maine Coon cat, and the American Curl cat are beloved breeds by cat lovers in the United States and worldwide.

However, this breed of cat does not originate from the United States.
This article will help you learn about the American Shorthair cat breed. In addition, DailyPets.net will show you some characteristics to distinguish them from British Shorthair cats.

The Historical Origin of the American Shorthair Cat

No records accurately describe the historical origin or how the American Shorthair cat appeared today. However, the way they appear is believed to be similar to the British Shorthair cats we are so familiar with.

It is said that, although they are called American shorthair cats, they immigrated from Europe to America. In the past, to combat the rats and harmful rodents raging in livestock areas or on ships, some American captains brought short-haired cats (the predecessor of this American cat breed). ) on board and brought back to America.

These short-haired cats imported from Europe proved useful when showing their excellent mouse-hunting ability. It wasn’t until later that the rats were too scared of the appearance of this cat breed, so they were no longer as destructive as before; people began to gradually pay attention to the selection of the beauties of this cat breed.

People felt that a cat with gaudy fur, a round head, a fat face, and a large frame was a very good standard, so they studied and bred day and night to get the most satisfactory cat. At first, they called them by a name, the domestic short-haired cat (Domestic Cat), but because people were quite afraid because the name was too general, the price of this cat breed was also greatly affected.

Finally, in 1966, they were officially renamed the American Shorthair cat to distinguish them from other short-haired cats.

Appearance characteristics of American Shorthair cats

It is a fact that no matter how much you look at it, you still find that these American Shorthair cats are too similar to the British Shorthair. So DailyPets.net will review the most basic characteristics of this breed and then guide you through some small details to distinguish it from British Shorthair cats.

American Shorthair cat.
American Shorthair cat.

The American Shorthair cat is a medium-sized cat with a relatively wide, round head and short ears, so they feel fatter than other cats.

If you look from the front, you will see that the body, especially the chest of the American Shorthair, is quite wide (like the British Shorthair), and the muscles in the shoulder, chest, and hind legs area can be seen.

The most special thing about this American Shorthair cat breed is probably the number of colors of the coat, up to more than 80 different colors. However, the color that makes up the brand and is also considered the color of the coat representing the American Shorthair is the silver tabby (silver gray stripe).

In terms of appearance, the American Shorthair cat is not much different from the British Shorthair cat; if you need more information, please click here to see more about the appearance of the British Shorthair cat and then default to the American Shorthair cat.

American Shorthair Cat vs. British Shorthair Cat

How to distinguish the American Shorthair cat and the British Shorthair cat? What is the difference between the American Shorthair and the British Shorthair?

American Shorthair Cat vs. British Shorthair Cat.
American Shorthair Cat vs. British Shorthair Cat.

DailyPets.net will show you a few points to pay attention to to distinguish between the American Shorthair cat and the British Shorthair cat. These are two famous and similar breeds, so many people mistake it mixed.

First, the American Shorthair is characterized by a silver-gray tabby coat, and a bluish-gray coat color characterizes the British Shorthair, so you can rely on this feature as the first point to distinguish. Of course, both have different coat colors, so you will need to rely on the following factors.

The second is that the American Shorthair’s coat will be shiny, smooth, and close to the body, while the British Shorthair will be more fluffy and ruffled.

Third, the American Shorthair cat was raised and developed to catch mice, so its body will be smaller and more muscular than the British Shorthair cats, who are lazy.

Finally, if you put these two next to each other, you can see that the head and especially the cheeks of American Shorthair cats will be smaller and more oblong than British Shorthair cats.

Personality characteristics of the American Shorthair cat

If you are a person who loves a chubby cat with a gentle personality, the American Shorthair is really the cat for you. They belong to the domestic cat breed, so they are extremely friendly with people, especially their owners, who feed them the most.

American Shorthair cats are originally bred to catch mice, so their activity level and playfulness are also higher than British Shorthair cats. For people who take care of and feed them every day, it is not so much that they always wrap around you, but when they see you free, sitting alone, they will use your legs or thighs as a bed.

Although American Shorthair cats are still at risk of obesity because of their habit of eating or sleeping, if you take advantage of their playful nature, spend about 30 minutes a day playing with a laser light, a cat stick, or a cat. When they play wrestling, they keep their shape, are not too big, and are standard American cats.

In addition, the American Shorthair cat is a cat you can easily let stay with dogs as long as they are not fierce breeds. However, if your other dog is hyperactive and likes to tease these American cats, you must immediately remind them because they are quite grumpy. With a “hunter” nature in them, they are very patient and tolerant, but once they explode, they will react very harshly.

Caring for American Shorthair Cats

Unlike the Maine Coon, this American Shorthair is easy to care for and sometimes even easier to keep than tabby cats. With a short coat, close to the body and not as ruffled as the British Shorthair, the hair loss of the American Shorthair cat is also less, and you do not need to bathe or get dirty hair for them regularly.

American Shorthair Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

That said, you should also bathe American Shorthair cats once a month to help prevent the smell, and when you have free time, take a pair of store-bought cat fur gloves to pet them.

Spending 20-30 minutes a day playing with American Shorthair cats, simply taking them for a walk around the neighborhood, or taking them to work if you run grab in the evening will also help them stay in shape. the standard does not become obese in retrospect, easy to mistake for British Shorthair cats.

In addition to exercise and physical exercise for American Shorthair cats, you also need to pay attention to their diet and food types. Limit feeding them too much starch, but instead, add more protein and protein in pork, beef, or fish is best. If your American Shorthair cat loves vegetables, do not hesitate to feed them a lot, fiber is always good for the body of humans and animals.

If you don’t make your cat pate at home, you can buy nuts or pre-made pates sold online to feed them.

How much does an American Shorthair cat cost?

The American Shorthair cat has a relatively low cost of ownership, not too high. It is the right choice for those who want an affordable, intelligent pet.

On average, the selling price of American Shorthair cats is $500-$1500, depending on appearance and the breeder of this cat breed.

In addition, to be able to own an American Shorthair cat, you can try to find and buy it on reputable websites.

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