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Maine Coon Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Maine Coon cat, also known as the American long-haired cat, is a breed of domestic cat with remarkable hunting ability, favored by many pet lovers today.

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Learn about the Maine Coon cat breed

Origin of the Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon cat is a breed of cat originating in the natural forests of North America with extremely fearsome hunting abilities, and this cat is known for its wild beauty that attracts everyone who sees it. The most prominent is still the coat, so this cat breed is often called the American long-haired cat breed.

Maine Coon cat – American long-haired cat.
Maine Coon cat – American long-haired cat.

Some theories suggest that the Maine Coon breed is descended from the Norwegian forest cat or the Ankara cat. They often followed the Europeans to the American land and mixed with the native cats here, thereby creating the current Maine Coon cat breed.

Currently, the Maine Coon cat breed is the symbol of the state of Maine – USA. This cat breed is raised by many families here, proving that the attraction and influence of this cat breed on humans is enormous.

Popular Maine Coon cat colors

Some of the most popular Maine Coon coat colors include tabby colors, depending on the types of bands available and the colors present on the striped backgrounds that can be found in many different types of tabby colors in this breed. Can be divided into 3 basic tabby colors as Mackerel tabby, classic tabby, and tabby pattern.

Maine Coon Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

In addition, you can also easily see these colors on Maine Coon cats due to crossbreeding: For example, red, black, brown, silver, blue, and black-white, …

Physical characteristics of the Maine Coon cat

  • About weight: Maine Coon cat is one of the heaviest cat breeds today; adult Maine Coon cats can be up to 5-11kg.
  • About size: Maine Coon cats have an average length of 30-50cm, and adult species can be up to 1 meter long (Not counting the tail).
  • About the coat: Maine Coon cats are long, thick, and large cats because they often live in cold places; the color of the coat is extremely diverse: From white, black, gray, blue, and chocolate to red, brown,…
  • In appearance: The Maine Coon cat has a large head and a mane around the neck, similar to a lion, a large but short nose, large erect and hairy ears, and a rather long tail.

Maine Coon Cat Personality Traits

Maine Coon cats are smarter than normal cats; thanks to their gentle and loyal nature, this breed is very obedient and easy to train.

This cat breed loves to be independent, loves to exercise, and does not like to stay in one place; this Maine Coon has a high hunting habit, so you can rest assured when keeping this cat in the house, ensuring your home will not appear all kinds of mice, bugs, …

This cat is extremely friendly and clingy, so Maine Coons are very popular as pets.

Reasons to Adopt a Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat Good hunting ability

Originating from wild wildcats in the wild, the Maine Coon cat breed has the ability to hunt extremely quickly, so when you have them in your home, you will have an extra hero to kill rats and other harmful animals. harmful to your home.

Maine Coon cats are extremely intelligent

Maine Coon cats must be considered extremely intelligent; they can understand what you are doing and want them to do; if well trained, they can obey you absolutely and become extremely useful for life. your.

The Maine Coon cat is gentle, friendly, and close

Maine Coon cats are very friendly and gentle because they have lived in a human parenting environment for hundreds of years. In addition, they are quite sociable with other pets in your home.

Maine Coon cats are highly alert

Maine Coon cats are quite wary of strangers entering their territory without permission. So many homeowners often raise them to help with housekeeping and vigilance.

How to take care of a Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat food

Maine Coon cats’ favorite foods are pate, chicken, beef,… But it should be noted:

It is recommended to combine dry food and wet food for cats to avoid causing liver and kidney disease for them when eating dry food for too long.

Do not feed them too much fat because it will increase the risk of obesity and reduce life expectancy.

It is necessary to establish a reasonable diet for them every day to avoid hunger because the size of the Maine Coon cat is quite large compared to other cat breeds.

Maine Coon cat diet by stage

Every day you should provide enough protein, protein, vitamins, and fiber, specifically: Chicken, beef, animal organs, seafood, and vegetables, …

Minimize fat in the diet to avoid your pet’s indigestion, belly bloat, and obesity. Instead of feeding the cat dry forever, you should cook diluted porridge, soup, and pate, … to change the taste, pay attention to cleaning the dining area and the tray for the cat regularly and carefully.

How to care and hygiene for Maine Coon cats

Because the Maine Coon cat has a thick, large coat, you should regularly brush it to avoid fleas or parasites hiding inside its coat. In addition, Maine Coon cats should only be bathed once a month because they are quite picky and fastidious in bathing; if necessary, they should be bathed.

Maine Coon Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

You need to regularly clean your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to avoid bacteria and parasites to help protect your pet’s health.

Common Maine Coon Cat Health Problems

Some diseases that Maine Coon cats often suffer from are polycystic kidney disease, muscle atrophy, hip joint disorders, and cardiac swelling, so when you see your pet showing signs of fatigue, moodiness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc., bleeding, … should take the cat to the doctor for timely treatment.

Notes when caring for Maine Coon cats

You should regularly take your cat to a health checkup to detect the disease early and have timely treatment. In addition, you should consult a doctor to vaccinate your pet.

Care should be taken with myocardial aneurysms, which will cause the walls of blood vessels in the heart to thicken, decreasing blood flow. This disease usually occurs in large Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Maine Coon cats are also prone to polycystic kidney disease, so if your pet is sedentary, you should bring him to the vet for a checkup.

Notes when buying a Maine Coon cat

When buying a Maine Coon cat, you first need to observe the appearance; the Maine Coon cat has a rectangular body frame surrounded by thick fur, prominent colors, large round eyes, and erect ears. Criteria for assessing appearance: Ease of beauty (60%), hair loss (60%), odor level (40%).

Pay attention to the cat’s personality; a healthy Maine Coon cat will like to lie down and sit in the owner’s lap; gentle and friendly with children, and other pets, both males and females are quite affectionate and attached to the owner.

Pay attention to the price reference; do not believe in the listings for Maine Coon cats under 500$; this is a scam because, for less than 500$, it is impossible to buy purebred Maine Coon cats, most likely scamming a deposit or selling a sick cat to you.

In addition, when buying a Maine Coon cat, you should also refer to a reputable, reputable seller, so choose a domestic pet store with full documents proving the cat’s origin and health status to avoid losing money bringing it.

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