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Which Cats have the Longest Tails?

Cats are cute, adorable, and agile pets. And it is easy to see that almost 90% of cats worldwide have long tails.

Cats’ tails are often much longer than their bodies or compared to the tails of many other animals. Join DailyPets.net to find out why cats’ tails are often long & list the cat breeds with the longest tails.

Why is the tail of a cat usually long?

One of the main functions of a cat’s tail is to help it keep its balance when jumping, climbing, or when moving on uneven terrain.

Cats also use their tails to communicate or convey various emotions and messages. For example, cats may stand up when feeling happy or curious. Or when scared, their tails will be clamped between their legs.

Why do cats often have long tails?
Why do cats often have long tails?

In addition, the cat’s tail is used as a tool for hunting or defense. When a cat is in a position to hunt or defend itself, it will use its tail to distract or confuse enemies.

Finally, genetics and evolution often influence a cat’s tail length. However, the exact length and shape may vary depending on many factors.

What is the average length of a cat’s tail?

The average length of a cat’s tail can vary depending on its breed, age, and sex. A cat will have an average tail length of about 23cm-25cm.

Male cats usually have slightly longer tails than female cats, but this difference is usually negligible. Or, as kittens, their tails may be shorter than as adults.

List of longest-tailed cat breeds

With that said, the length of a cat’s tail depends on many factors. However, here is a list of cat breeds with the longest average tail size

Maine Coon cat (tail size from 30cm to 45cm)

As the cat with the largest body size in domestic cat breeds, it is not difficult to understand why the Maine Coon cat possesses the largest tail length.

Balinese cat (tail size from 25cm to 30cm)

The Balinese cat is a close relative of the Siamese cat with many similar physical features, such as a long body, shiny coat, and striking blue eyes. Together with the long tail, it should give them a regal, elegant look sought after by cat lovers worldwide.

Siberian Cat (tail size is almost 30 cm)

One of the most striking features of the Siberian cat is its long, ruffled tail. The Siberian cat’s tail is thick and fluffy like the rest of the body hair.

Turkish Van Cat (tail size from 23cm to 30cm)

The tail of the Turkish Van cat is long, fluffy, and thick. The hair on the tail is usually longer than the rest of the body, giving it a particularly impressive appearance.

Somali cat (tail length from 20cm to 25cm)

The tail of the Somali cat is long and slender, and the fur to the touch has a certain softness and smoothness.

Bengal Cat (tail size 20cm to 25cm)

The tail of a Bengal cat is usually short and thick, with a soft coat to the touch. The tailcoat color is usually the same as the body coat or may include distinctive markings or patterns.

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