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Siberian Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Siberian cat is a large breed of Russian cat with a long and beautiful coat. This breed of cats is very loved for its luxurious and lovely beauty.

Many people rate this cat as “Cold looking but have a warm heart.” Why is that? Let’s go find out together.

The Origin and History of the Siberian Cat

The Siberian Forest Cat is a cat with a long history; it is estimated that it appeared more than 1000 years ago. This is probably why the Siberian cat is on the list of the rarest cats in the world.

History records that many centuries ago, in Leningrad and some other cities of Russia, there was a raging rat plague, and also, at this time, some Siberian cats strayed down from the forest to find new horizons randomly. Falling into the realm of fresh food.

Witnessing the great mouse-hunting ability of this cat breed, the people in the city had a meeting to import some other cat breeds as colleagues to support them. After a while, the rats were brought under control, and the people adopted these Siberian wildcats and gradually tamed them into what they are today.

Not only that, they were also impressed by the Siberian cat’s long, bushy coat, and many people signed them up for local cat competitions. After those competitions, Siberian cats gradually became more popular in Russia and appeared in the book “Our Cats and All About Them” by author Harrison Wier.

Siberian Cat.
Siberian Cat.

Elizabeth Terrell is an American breeder; after seeing pictures of Siberian cats in Wier’s book, she was impressed with them. She traveled to Russia to agree to buy and sell these cats with the people here and became the first person to bring back to the Americas a special breed of rat catcher.

In February 2000, the CFA Association accepted the Siberian cat as a new cat breed in the cat world. They have become regulars on international cat shows and have won championships.

Physical characteristics of the Siberian cat

Siberian cat fur is very special

Russia is the largest country in the world and is located near the North Pole of the earth, so it is always covered by cold, so Siberian cats also have their own characteristics in appearance to help them adapt to weather conditions this harsh weather.

If normally other cats only have 1 or 2 coats (the Sphynx cat has no hair), the Siberian cat has 3 coats (similar to the Norwegian forest cat).

The outermost layer has a protective function and is the first wall to prevent cold and snow. The second coat also serves as the next layer of protection to prevent the cold and resist the charge from the field. Finally, a thin layer of fur will create softness and hug to keep the cat warm. With these 3 layers of fur, they can sit together and eat mouse hotpot under the snow.

Although their coat is very special, it is unfortunate that there is no color to highlight them, like the Siamese with black points or Bombay cats with black fur. Siberian cats will come in a variety of colors, and most will have a Tabby striped pattern, or sometimes there will be ones who “borrow” Siamese fur to wear.

The Siberian cat is heavy but healthy

With the nature of a windy forest cat always facing many dangers, the Siberian cat’s body is extremely toned and healthy. They are medium-sized, slightly larger than pet cats. This balance, combined with the muscles trained from childhood, helps them have extremely high jumps, pounces, running speed, and flexibility, thereby increasing the rate of catching prey up to 99%.

Siberian cats are among the top 10 heaviest cats in the world, with 8th place.

Many people confuse the Siberian cat with the Maine Coon cat because the Siberian cat also has a coat that looks like a lion’s mane on the chest like the Maine Coon cat, but you just need to notice that the Maine Coon cat will be much bigger than the Siberian cat much.

Siberian cat personality traits

If you see a Siberian cat for the first time, you will feel they are very cold and difficult to approach. But the truth is quite the opposite; they are extremely psychological and cuddly. If you own a Siberian cat, you will never feel alone.

They will stand at the door to welcome you every time you come home from work, watch TV with you, or sweeter. Siberian cats can accompany you to the toilet and then go to bed. Sometimes, they even want to help you find something new.

Siberian cats are curious and love to explore. When they like something, they just get it. You can find piles of toys under the chair or the corner of the closet, etc., all the things they get bored with and throw somewhere they can’t even remember.

Siberian cats also love to get to know dogs, other animals, and especially children. In front of the children, the Siberian cat is like an easy-going and extremely lovable friend. This becomes the reason why parents do not hesitate to spend money to bring a Siberian child to play with their little one. Many parents have asserted that Siberian cats find ways to sleep next to their children like a sentinel protecting their owners.

In addition to the above characteristics, the Siberian cat also contains a loyal heart. If you are wondering which cat breed to choose, the Siberian deserves the first choice. They will become ideal life partners. The Siberian cat is like a tiny nurse in the house. They are ready to spend time with their owners and care for them when sick.

How to care for a Siberian cat

Siberian is inherently a wild cat, so their health is not too worried. Their estimated average lifespan is around 11 – 15 years (which is pretty high).

They rarely get sick, so taking care of them is quite simple. Even those who have no experience with cats can confidently take care of Siberian cats.

Only one thing to note: Siberian cats change their coat every two years; during this process, you need to pay attention to cleaning the house to ensure the health of family members.

In addition, you should pay attention to brushing their fur, removing dead hair for them regularly, and occasionally cleaning their body with warm water. Just do it like that; you have a perfectly healthy Siberian cat.

How much does a Siberian cat cost?

The Siberian cat is considered an ancient cat breed. Owning a Siberian cat is not easy. Each genuine Siberian cat costs from $ 1200 to $ 1600 on average. Hybrid Siberian cats cost $400 or more, depending on appearance.

When buying a Siberian cat, you need to ask clearly about the origin and origin of the place of sale to ensure the required accuracy. Most people appreciate the purity of this cat line, so they know their origin to choose the best place to buy purebred cats.

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