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Tabby Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Tabby cats are known as “national cats” because they are quite familiar to many pet lovers worldwide.

But not because of that; everyone understands this cat breed well. Today, DailyPets.net will share “everything” about the origin, characteristics, and how to care for Tabby cats through this article.

Learn about Tabby cats

The origin of the Tabby cat

Tabby cats (zebra/striped cats) are not a separate cat breed, but this is a way to distinguish cats based on coat color. Any cat with a striped coat can be considered a Tabby. Therefore, people think that Tabby cats are like “miniature versions” of tigers, so they often call them “little tigers.”

The Tabby cat is a wild cat from Africa that was present about 131000 years ago. There are other sources of information that they are cats domesticated 10,000 years ago.

Tabby cat breed.
Tabby cat breed.

Therefore, the specific history of this breed is still “a question mark.” Most people only know this is a feral cat, so it was brought home to be adopted and gradually tamed into a domestic cat.

Tabby cat Physical characteristics

Tabby cats usually have a petite appearance, so they only weigh about 3.5-6kg and are about 20-25cm tall. Their faces are quite small, their triangular ears are raised, their nostrils are large, their eyes are round and sharp, their tails are long, their four legs are long, and their nails are sharp. Thanks to that, they climb very well and catch mice at night.

The fur of a Tabby cat usually has many different colors (black/white / ash gray/orange yellow, …), quite short but very thick and shiny. In particular, on that coat, there are always tiger-like stripes and the characteristic M mark on the forehead that few cats have.

Tabby cat personality traits

Tabby cats are very cute, agile, and very good at catching mice, but they are quite lazy, mainly spending time sleeping and sunbathing to absorb vitamin D for the body. In addition, this is a breed of cat with a fairly long life expectancy, averaging 20-25 years. However, the age can also be longer or shorter, depending on their living conditions.

How to take care of a Tabby cat

Tabby cat food

Tabby cats eat quite simply; you just need to feed the basic dishes that are not too salty such as rice, fish, meat, pate, and dry food,… But the food for Tabby cats must be fresh ingredients and delicious cooked because the Tabby cat’s digestive system is not very good. When cats are young, they should provide more protein, such as fried fish, to stimulate them to eat more.

How to care for and hygiene for a Tabby cat

You can buy or make a house or a cage for Tabby cats to create a habit for them to stay in the right place, minimizing running and jumping in the house. In particular, do not let them go out because it is very easy to spread the disease when contacting feral cats.

In addition, you should also brush the Tabby cat’s coat regularly to limit the amount of hair shedding around the house and help the coat become more shiny. At the same time, trim their nails weekly to avoid them “scratching” items in the house.

Take care of Tabby’s cat.
Take care of Tabby’s cat.

Because you can clean your own body, you don’t need to bathe the Tabby cat too much, but you can hygiene for your Tabby cat about once a week with a specialized shower gel. After that, dry it with a towel and let it dry. In addition, you should also clean the ears, nose, and throat for them regularly because these locations easily accumulate bacteria and dirt (1-2 times a week).

Common Tabby cat health problems

In particular, remember to take your pet cat for deworming, regular check-ups, etc. Regarding the vaccination and deworming schedule, you should take your pet cat to the hospital or veterinary shop so that the doctor can come up with a schedule suitable for each baby’s condition.

Notes when caring for Tabby cats

When raising a Tabby cat, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to the cat’s nutrition in each stage;
  • Keep the cat’s place clean;
  • Fully vaccinated and according to the veterinarian’s schedule to prevent the cat from contracting dangerous diseases.

Note when buying a Tabby cat

The Tabby cat is a pet with a relatively low price, so it is loved and chosen by many people. When buying a Tabby cat, you should choose a reputable dealer, a cat with a clear origin, choose to buy a cat with a soft coat and an active and alert personality.

You grab the skin on the back of the cat’s nape and lift it; if the cat’s hind legs are bent, this is a healthy cat.

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