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What do you need to raise a cat?

Caring for cats is a hobby shared by many people, especially the younger generation. However, this task demands a considerable investment of time and money.

Therefore, if you are in the process of gearing up to become a genuine “cat enthusiast,” refer to the article below from DailyPets.net to find out what it takes to care for cats.

What do you need to raise a cat?

Things to prepare before adopting a cat

Cages and accessories for cats

Like humans, a cat also wants to rest in a private space. Therefore, when asking what a cat needs, you should first prepare a clean, dry place for the cat to have a place to sleep and rest, be it a cage or a cage for them. In addition, pay attention to lining the cat’s bed with a soft, warm towel or towel, and clean the cat’s nest regularly to keep the cat indoors.

  • Preparing an additional litter box would be best because domestic cats need a sand pot to go to the toilet. It would be best to put the pot in a quiet place, easy to find, so the cat can get used to it and avoid moving around a lot.
  • Besides the sandpit, you also need to prepare the cat’s collar and name tag. Collars with name tags should always be worn securely on the cat’s neck. The tag should have your name, address, and phone number in case the cat gets lost. In addition, scratching is one of cats’ innate habits and needs, so you need to buy an additional scratching table, or else any furniture in your home will become an object for them to “file.”
  • Prepare a cardboard scratcher or rope scratching post to satisfy this cat hobby. Cats also love to play, especially playing alone with their toys. Therefore, you should equip your cat with toys that are favorite and safe for them.

Nutritional cat food

Cat food cannot be ignored when answering what cats need. Cat food is divided according to its different stages and ages.

  • Raising kittens requires more fat and protein than adult cats because this is an important period for bone development.
  • Kittens from three weeks are required to eat soft food.
  • Both canned and dry food can provide complete nutrition for adult cats.
  • Cats require mainly substances such as taurine, an amino acid for the heart and eyes. So, to keep your cat smart and healthy, you should prepare high-quality cat foods specifically for them.

Cost, time

Depending on the needs, and preferences of the cat and your economic conditions, the cost of caring for a cat is divided into main types of expenses such as:

  • Monthly expenses include food, pate, change, and cat toilet.
  • Medical expenses such as sterilization, vaccinations, and annual veterinary check-ups.
  • You must prepare funds for other expenses, such as buying cat toys or accessories.

When deciding to adopt a cat, you must determine that you will have to take the time to feed them and brush or clean their sleeping areas every day. Besides, cats are animals that need much love from their owners, so you also need time to play with and cuddle them.

In addition, you also need a lot of time to study and learn how to care for kittens and how to train cats to obey or go to the toilet in the right place from people with long experience.

Knowledge about cat care and training

Caring of kittens

Newborn kittens have their eyes completely closed, but they can find their mother to suckle, and the mother cat will clean up for the kittens during breastfeeding. The main food of kittens is the mother’s milk, so when the cat takes care of the baby, you need to nurture and take care of the mother cat.

What do you need to raise a cat?

Feeding the mother cat 3-4 meals/day with nutritional cat food would be best. If the mother cat has little milk or the kittens are hungry, you should give the cat more cow’s milk mixed with warm water to increase the milk for the baby. Once the kittens are 35 days old, you can practice feeding them with mixed powder or rice paste. After 45 days of age, when kittens can provide for themselves, they are old enough to separate from their mother.

Caring for a cat giving birth

When you see the mother cat showing signs of being about to give birth, you need to make a nest for the cat to give birth. The nest should be made of a cardboard box or plastic pot lined with soft cloth. It would be best to place the nest in a clean, quiet place where few people pass.

What do you need to raise a cat?

Nurturing an adult cat

When bringing your cat home, you should tie a leash around the cat’s neck with a button-down collar that’s easy to untie but doesn’t come loose and choke on the cat’s throat. The leash should be about 80-100 cm long, and you need to tie the cat to one place. At first, you need to pay attention to observe and change the cat’s mattress regularly; after about 3 days, the cat can get used to the house, and you can release the cat freely.

Vaccinations for cats

Cats need to be vaccinated to avoid diseases. In the early stages of life, the mother cat can limit the immunity of the kittens, although the mother’s milk provides them with a certain amount of antibodies. Therefore, you must take your cat to the vet for necessary vaccinations.

It would be best to vaccinate your cat to prevent rhinitis, infectious bronchitis, mange, and rabies. Remember that you should consult with a veterinarian and take your cat for appropriate vaccination based on their age.

Simple and Easy Tips for Cat Care

Firstly, you should choose an appropriate age for the cat you want to raise to reduce the effort required for care and minimize the risk of illness or death due to weak immunity and inability to adapt to a new living environment. Therefore, it’s advisable to adopt a kitten when it’s 8 to 10 weeks old, weaned from its mother, and capable of eating regular food.

What do you need to raise a cat?

You should also check the kitten’s health before adopting by taking it to a veterinary facility for examinations, possible treatments (if needed), and vaccinations to prevent common pet diseases such as feline leukemia, parasites, and immune deficiencies.

To simplify caring for and caring for a cat, you must train the kitten in living and activity routines from an early age. This includes setting schedules for feeding, designated eating areas, and specific times and places for using the litter box.

Cats are adorable pets that contribute to making our lives more enjoyable. Hopefully, this article from DailyPets.net taught you what it takes to care for a cat and taught you how to care for a cat.

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