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Bird of Paradise, the beauty of wonderful artifact from nature

The bird of Paradise is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, but not everyone knows this bird.

Everyone knows and wants to own a bird of Paradise in the world of ornamental birds. To learn more about this bird, let’s explore with DailyPets.net.

What is the bird of Paradise?

The bird of Paradise is one of the famous native birds of Indonesia. They have long, colorful fur – making people look captivated.

The Birds of paradise usually live in dense forests. Their ideal habitat is tropical and subtropical forests. Some species have habitats near mangrove forests located in coastal areas.

Birds of Paradise have very beautiful colors.
Birds of Paradise have very beautiful colors.

This bird is raised and found most in the Indonesian area and the coastal forest area of eastern Australia.

Origin of the long-tailed Bird of Paradise

The bird of Paradise belongs to the lineage Paradisaeidae described by Vigors in 1825. In addition to its heavenly name, this bird is also known as the galactic bird.

Currently, there are about 45 species of birds of Paradise in the world, distributed mainly in Indonesia and Australia.

Characteristics of the Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are medium-sized ornamental birds. As adults, their weight ranges from 50 – 430 grams, depending on the breed.

Birds of Paradise’s body length is from 12 to 44cm. The tail of this bird is very long. Many times longer than the body ranging from 60 – 110cm. Males have a larger body and tail length than females.

Bird of Paradise has a long tail.
Bird of Paradise has a long tail.

In general, the Bird of Paradise has a body shape similar to that of the crow, but the feather color of the Bird of Paradise is much more colorful.

The bird of Paradise has a small head and a very long neck; its beak is relatively large and hard; its eyes are small and arranged near the top of the head; its slim and toned body; its wings are very hard, strong; and long; its legs are quite large, hard, and very strong; its each foot has 4 toes, 3 toes form a table with sharp nails. This helps them cling to the branch more firmly and a small finger on the back.

The plumage of the birds of Paradise has many colors; their color depends on the breed. Some species have only black and blue colors; some are a combination of yellow – black – young green – white – rose gold …

The male birds will have longer plumage and better color within the same species than the female birds. This is to help males attract more females during the breeding season.

What do Birds of Paradise eat?

Most Birds of Paradise are omnivores, eating both plants and insects. However, the favorite and most popular foods are still fruits. Wild berries, apples, nectar, worms, and arthropods are their favorite foods.

Because this bird is a fruit-loving species, it often expels the seeds of that fruit after eating it. Therefore, they are one of the good agents in the propagation of plants.

What do Birds of Paradise do?

In addition to colorful plumage, Birds of Paradise are famous for their ability to dance and sing. In mating season, the male birds create smooth, soft dances to attract females.

Birds of paradise perform incredibly beautiful dances.
Birds of paradise perform incredibly beautiful dances.

In addition to dancing, they sing to create pleasant music to attract a mate. Because of their beautiful colors and voices, these birds are chosen by many bird connoisseurs to buy and keep as pets.

Reproduction of the Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise breed by mating. In mating season, male birds will dance and sing to attract females.

Among the 45 species of Birds of Paradise, some mate only once, while others look for a new mate every time they breed.

Birds of Paradise nest on tree branches.
Birds of Paradise nest on tree branches.

The Birds of Paradise often nest on the branches and bushes above during the breeding season. Their nests are made of leaves, dry grass, and vines. Depending on the species, large species usually lay only one egg. Small-size species lay about 2-3 eggs in 1 spawn. The eggs will hatch after about 15-22 days; the mother and the father will care for them from when the eggs have not hatched until the bird chick can be independent. Young birds will leave the nest when they reach 16-30 days old.

The relationship with humans

The Birds of Paradise and humans have a very close relationship. Birds of paradise are one of the animals that make the propagation of human crops more widespread and developed.

However, now the Birds of Paradise have become one of the pleasures of those who can afford them. They are often hunted and kept as pets. It is because of excessive and illegal hunting of birds that causes fluctuations in the number of birds of paradise in the wild.

In addition to hunting for pets, humans capture these birds for their feathers. Their feathers are used mainly for handicrafts and decoration.

Because of the severe decline in these birds, some countries have banned the hunting and trade of Birds of Paradise.

How to choose a beautiful bird of paradise

Beautiful and healthy birds of paradise must meet the following characteristics:

  • Bright eyes, large beak, and must be very hard.
  • The chest should be open, and the back should be straight.
  • The bird’s feet should be large, hard, and tall.
  • A bird’s tail should be 2-3 times longer than its body.
  • The coat should be soft, growing in rows, not ruffled.
  • If it is a white bird of paradise, the head must be dark blue; the tail must be pure white.
  • If they are multi-colored birds, their colors must be distributed in blocks that do not overlap and confuse feather colors.
  • When buying birds, you must observe their actions.
  • If the bird sings, jumps, and is active, buy it.
  • More active birds will usually have good health, easier to take care of when purchased.
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