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Siamese Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in Thailand and is considered a god of luck and prosperity for the royal family.

Let’s learn more about the characteristics, care, and price of Siamese cats with DailyPets.net!

Learn about the Siamese cat breed

Origin of Siamese cat

The Siamese Thai cat is an oriental short-haired cat. Until now, most believe they originated in Thailand in the 14th century and were called Wichian Mat.

In 1987, the Siamese cat appeared in Europe, and appeared in the US in 1879. Today, this cat breed is loved worldwide for its unique beauty but no less luxurious and noble.

Classification of Siamese cats

In 1980, when the traditional Siamese cat was almost defunct, many UK breeders began reviving them. Since then, two lines of standard Siamese and modern Siamese were born.

Traditional Siamese cat and Modern Siamese cat.
Traditional Siamese cat and Modern Siamese cat.
Traditional Siamese cat

The traditional cat breed has a long and full body, a strong body with a large bone structure, and a round face.

Modern Siamese cat

Modern Siamese cats have leaner and slimmer bodies; they are also different because their faces are long and angular.

Popular Siamese cat coat colors

Siamese cats are popular with coat colors such as Cream gray, blue gray, chocolate, cream yellow, … among which cream gray or Himalayan color is the most loved and popular color.

Siamese Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Physical characteristics of Siamese cats

The standard height of a Siamese Thai cat is about 30 cm, the male cat weighs from 4 to 6.5 kg, and the female cat is slightly lighter, from 2.5 to 4.8 kg.

The Siamese’s head is long, slender, with many straight lines extending from the ears to the mouth. Their mouth is rather pointed and tapered at the bottom.

The eyes are the most attractive because they are blue, always sparkling like pearls. However, as they grow, this green color will fade.

The Siamese’s coat is very short but thick and warm, hugging the body to help them adapt to the climate of Europe and harsher than temperate countries.

Siamese cat’s personality traits

Siamese cats are very active cats, very curious about everything around them. Siamese cats are very friendly, close, and loyal to their owners.

Always want to be with you, be petted, and be cared for and noticed by you. Another plus point for Siamese is that it is very good at catching mice.

Reasons to adopt Siamese cats

  • Siamese cats have the ability to catch mice to help protect crops and houses.
  • Siamese cats are extremely friendly, getting along with people and other animals.
  • Siamese cats are very intelligent and obedient to their owners.
  • Siamese cats have a fairly long lifespan, even living up to 20 years old.

How to take care of Siamese cats

Siamese cat food

Siamese cats are easy-to-eat, less picky, and can eat many different foods. You can combine dry nut food with pate to replenish water, and your cat will not get bored.

If you feed your cat homemade food, make sure it comes from meats like pork, beef, chicken, and fish. You should also limit feeding your cat a lot of starch, fatty meat, but add more fiber and vitamins from ground vegetables.

Besides, Siamese cats exercise a lot, so you should always prepare clean water for them to drink and change daily.

Diet of Siamese cats by stage

From 3-4 months of age, Siamese kittens are still weak in health; you must pay attention to feeding them weaning for the first time.

From 6 to 7 months old, the diet for Siamese cats should be limited and fixed in time to maintain that habit until adulthood.

When your Siamese kitten is grown and healthy, you can start feeding them cooked cat food in small pieces (it should be accompanied by fresh milk to make the food soft and full of nutrients).

How to care for and hygiene for Siamese cats

Siamese cats are suitable for warm weather; they often curl up or lie in the sun in the mornings. To keep the Siamese cat’s coat smooth, brush them regularly and bathe them occasionally to keep their coat shiny and clean.

Siamese Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Regardless of the breed, providing your cat with clean water and changing the water daily is important. Siamese cats are very easy to raise, so you can feed them with anything you can, but always ensure adequate nutrition.

Common Siamese Cat Health Problems

Siamese cats rarely have minor illnesses, but they also have some common diseases like other cats, such as:

Genetic diseases: Atrophy of the retina, bronchial disease, congenital heart disease, liver disease, …

Diseases caused by infectious viruses or parasites: Care disease, leukopenia, FIP disease,…

Notes when taking care of Siamese cats

You need to take your cat for regular vaccinations and deworming. Only buy Siamese kittens from 2 months of age and older and are vaccinated with 2 doses.

Regularly clean the cat’s accommodation and utensils, such as: Washing the dishes and water bowls every day, changing the sand 3 times a week, wash the cat’s sleeping mats and toys.

Avoid letting cats go out freely, which is prone to infection and dangerous feral cats.

You should take your cat to the vet at least once a year for a health check.

If there is no need to raise kittens, it is necessary to neuter the cat.

Note when buying Siamese cats

Siamese cats are not as popular as others, so you should actively contact breeding farms to order before buying.

Make sure to find out the origin of the Siamese cat to avoid health and breed risks.

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