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Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

Snakes are becoming more and more popular with many people around the world. Even for some people, snakes are the perfect pet.

Ornamental snakes never seem to make any noise. And owners only need to feed once a week. The ornamental snakes are mostly harmless and have beautiful colors. If you are considering caring for ornamental snakes, immediately discover the Top 10 most popular snake species in the world that DailyPets.net introduces below. Let’s see what makes them unique and popular!

1. Ball python

Ball pythons may be the most common snakes in the world. Everyone has seen a ball python at some point. And most people hugged them. You might see a person wearing a ball python on his wrist. These snakes are gentle and do not bite people. And they also cannot cause serious harm to humans.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

There’s also another reason ball pythons are so popular: they’re known for their calm demeanor, slow movement, and love to be held. One might even call ball pythons cuddly. Therefore, they are often chosen to be ornamental snakes as popular pets for some people.

2. Corn Snake

The corn snake is another snake species that can rival ball pythons in popularity. Corn snakes are probably the best snakes for beginners to keep reptiles. They also come in more stunning colors than any snake in the world.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

Corn snakes may be the safest pet snakes in the world. These snakes are known for their calm demeanor. They are also small in size and amazing in beauty. And you don’t spend too much money to own a corn snake.

In addition, the corn snake’s personality is also very relaxed and easygoing. The reason is because they have been bred for a long time. Breeders have selected genetically docile and viable snakes for generations, so today’s corn snakes have a more agreeable and laid-back personality. Even if the corn snake bites, you will feel the bite like a fine needle and not cause bleeding. This is also what breeders do with wolves to create domestic breeds.

3. Red-tailed Boa python

Red-tailed Boa can be confused with ball pythons, but only if they are young. This species is much larger than other snakes in the world’s in Top 10 most common snakes. However, this is one of the more popular snakes and is often kept as a pet.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

The red-tailed Boa is also a great snake for beginners. Those who don’t mind a larger snake require specific food needs. The only reason Red-Tailed Pythons aren’t as popular as the other two is because of their size.

4. Kingsnake

Most ornamental snakes are from the California Kingnakes. These snakes are found in the wild in California. They are not as common as some other snakes on this list. But they can be an option for anyone who wants to keep a pet reptile.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

The California Kingsnakes are another great snake for those who don’t want to be bitten. These King Snakes are not venomous like all the snakes suggested by Mini Aquarium. They are only 3 to 4 feet long. In particular, possessing very beautiful colors, they will be great ornamental snakes for beginners.

5. Rosy Boa python

Rosy Boa python is another type of python that is also quite popular with many people worldwide. She is loved for her extremely docile temperament and beautiful colors. They live in the deserts of the southwestern United States.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

The Rosy Boa is a species of snake closely related to the Kenyan Sand Boa. It has a very gentle and lovely temperament. But the color and pattern are different from the Kenya Sand Python. Most Rosy Boa pythons do not bite. And if they do bite, they can’t hurt you, no matter how small they are.

6. Milk Snake

Milk snakes are named after the old belief that they would drink milk from cows because they were always found in barns. Today, milk snakes are common pets and can be found throughout the United States.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

They are somewhat common as pets, pets. However, they are not as popular as ball pythons and corn snakes. They have beautiful colors, are affordable, and are easy to raise and care for.

7. Western Hognose snake

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

The Western Hognose is an interesting snake that is also growing in popularity. Originated from North America. These snakes have an upturned snout that sets them apart from other pet snakes. And that is why it is called a snub-nosed snake. They are very docile and very friendly snakes, perfect for beginners.

8. Rat snake

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

Rat snakes are easily kept as more popular pets in the United States. They are great for beginners, come in many different looks and colors, and are inexpensive. Rat snakes may be second only to corn snakes in popularity. However, rat snakes are agile and don’t move as slowly as other snakes in this Top 10.

9. Garter Snake

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

Garter snakes are some of the most common wild snakes throughout the United States. In addition, they are some of the more popular ornamental snakes in recent years. There are many different species of garter snakes, all with unique and beautiful patterns and small sizes. Captive snakes make good pets, but the agile nature of snakes can make this snake a bit more difficult to handle.

10. Kenyan Sand Boas snake

The Kenyan Sand Boas are on the rise and will likely be among the most popular snakes in the coming years. They are amazingly small snakes from the desert and arid regions of Africa. Kenyan Sand Boas are suitable for beginners due to their easy temperament and low demands.

Top 10 most popular snakes in the world

The Kenyan Sand Boa is the cutest snake. And she is also loved by many reptile enthusiasts. This snake comes from the eastern deserts of Africa and spends its days hiding in the sand.

The Kenyan Sand Boa has a short, gentle face. They are cute pets and can’t be dangerous. They are short snakes, do not grow large, do not attack. And they can’t hurt you if they try. They are also quite easy to raise and take care of. These are great snakes for people who are afraid of snakes.

*Note: Most of the snakes mentioned above can be found in pet stores. They are also quite docile, have beautiful colors, and are not fussy eaters. In general, it’s easy to raise!

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