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Shepherd Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Shepherd Dogs are a breed related to sheep farming from European countries. With its superior physical strength and personality, this lovely dog is loved by dog lovers worldwide.

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Learn about the Sheepdog breed

The Origin of the Shepherd Dog

As its name suggests, the Shepherd Dog was originally born and trained to herd large herds of cattle like sheep on farms.

Shepherd Dog.
Shepherd Dog.

The origin and history of each breed are completely different, but their initial common purpose is to help people with livestock. However, due to the growing economic situation, people often keep sheepdogs for pets, and some breeds are even chosen for the circus. Although not as well-trained as before, this dog retains its superior nature; perhaps that’s why many people still feel secure when choosing it as a pet.

Classification of Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Dog (Becgie)

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and is also the top dog breed selected by the military for training as a service dog. They possess a tall, strong physique, sharp teeth, and special intelligence. This breed will do best with proper training, but sometimes, they act out of instinctive self-defense and bite people.

Border Collie Shepherd Dog

The Border Collie is one of three branches of the Collie lineage and originated in Scotland. They have a bright, balanced appearance, long silky hair, sharp eyes, and a powerful gaze. In particular, the Border Collie is also recognized as the most intelligent dog in the world. They are not only quick to learn but also very skillful and flexible. Therefore, this breed is a great choice for circus performances.

Australian Shepherd (Australian Shepherd or Aussie)

The Australian Shepherd originated in the US and was introduced to Australia around the 19th century. Like the Becgie dog, the Australian Shepherd is also an extremely popular dog breed with a strong body, smart, and quick mind, so it is easy to train them. However, instead of a military environment, they are seen as a necessary labor force to guard the farm, children, and the elderly.


The Corgi is a breed of shepherd dog that originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Completely different from other sheepdog breeds, the Corgi captivates the dog lover community with its lovely appearance, short legs, and big butt. Not only that, this “dwarf dog” is also very smart and agile, which is also the reason why they are very “good” when supervising livestock. Immediately after being introduced to Vietnam, their small appearance, Corgi’s message, and cute personality made the pet world a storm.

Popular Shepherd Dog Coat Colors

Because sheepdogs have many breeds and origins, their coat color is diverse. Some popular coat colors include dark brown, black, white, chocolate, …

Shepherd dog appearance characteristics

Sheepdogs were originally bred to control livestock for farms. Therefore, most sheepdog breeds have a strong, well-balanced appearance with extremely strong, sharp eyes. However, some exceptions still exist with small, lovely bodies like Corgi dwarf mushrooms.

Personality traits of a Shepherd dog

All breeds of sheepdogs are extremely hyperactive, mischievous, and very friendly with people. In addition, they are known for their superior characteristics: extremely intelligent and agile but sometimes a bit stubborn.

How to care for a Shepherd dog

Shepherd dog food

Because sheepdogs often run, jump, and be active, they need to get enough energy and drink enough water at every meal. Shepherd dog food includes protein and a little fat: Beef, chicken, pork,…; fiber: Carrots, broccoli,…; starch: Potato, sweet potato, rice,…; vitamins and minerals: vegetables, fruits,…

How to care for and hygiene for Shepherd dogs

Sheepdogs should be bathed 3-4 times a month to remove dirt, bacteria, and parasites on their skin and coat and help their body clean and smell good.

In addition, you can often take them to parks or places with spacious yards so they can run, jump, and play.

Common Shepherd Dog Health Problems

Although sheepdogs are inherently healthy, they can sometimes experience health problems:

  • Heat shock: Most sheepdog breeds come from cold countries, which will be very susceptible to heat shock with the hot climate in Vietnam. It can be noticed that the dog will be breathing rapidly, wheezing – sticking out his tongue continuously, more seriously, unconscious, and completely losing consciousness. You should limit taking your dog out in the midday sun or areas with high-temperature differences.
  • Gastritis, intestinal disease: This is a common disease that occurs all year round, especially in summer and hot and humid weather. When the diseased dog eats less and stops eating, vomiting and diarrhea continuously, if not treated promptly, can lead to death. So, let your dog eat clean and ripe, and perform regular deworming for the baby.
  • Osteoarthritis: Because sheepdogs often run, jump, and exercise a lot, if we don’t “calm” them down, they will easily exercise too hard, leading to fatigue, leg pain, and long-term pain, causing osteoarthritis.

Notes when Raising Shepherd Dogs

You should have your Shepherd dogs vaccinated and dewormed regularly. At the same time, you can also adjust the taste and amount of dog food accordingly or consult your veterinarian about the menu if needed. Finally, because Shepherd dogs are very active, you should let them go outside daily to run, play, and play to feel more comfortable.

Note when buying a Shepherd Dogs

Although the price is not cheap, the risk of problems while buying a sheepdog is still very high. Therefore, you should “choose to send gold,” buy at reputable places and have full documents to prove the origin. Be careful with cases where the seller delivers the wrong dog breed or deliberately defrauds the buyer, causing the buyer to lose money and not receive the dog.

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