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Border Collie Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Border Collie dogs are sought after by pet lovers because of their friendly personality and intelligence. This breed will make you go from surprise to surprise.

Let’s join DailyPets.net to learn about the origin, characteristics, and personality of Border Collie dogs through this article.

Learn about the Border Collie breed

Border Collie dog origin

The original purpose of humans raising Border Collie dogs was to herd sheep and protect livestock on the prairies. Therefore, they are also known as Border Collie Shepherds. This breed originated in the border area between England and Scotland.

With the current development, Border Collie dogs are popularly adopted as companions with families in Asian and European countries.

Popular Border Collie dog coat colors

The Border Collie comes in various coat colors, but the most common breed type is a black coat with white patches on the face and underbelly. In addition, there are also red-brown coat colors, white and blue borders, blue merle, …

Border Collie Dog.
Border Collie Dog.

Border Collie dog appearance characteristics

The Border Collie is a medium-sized dog with a body that is longer than the height of its legs.

  • Height: about 46-56cm tall for an adult. Males can grow up to 54cm, and females are smaller at 52cm.
  • Weight: the common weight of this breed is from 15-35kg. With the correlation between height and weight, this dog breed is considered to be quite balanced with a light and agile body.
  • Head: This breed has a small head, long muzzle, large ears, and sharp eyes, along with a very intelligent face.
  • Quadruple: long and slender legs, straight front legs, and slightly forward hind legs. The tail is at least up to the hind legs. The tail will stand up when the Border Collie is stimulated or excited.
  • Coat: The long, thick coat warms the dog’s body in cold weather and insulates it in hot weather. The coat color is also very diverse, such as white – black, white – red, …

Border Collie Dog Personality

  • The Border Collie is intelligent, active, and can learn quickly.
  • Friendly, docile, and very loyal to the owner. But also quite wary of strangers.
  • Agile, love to work. However, this breed does not get along with other small animals.

Reasons to adopt a Border Collie

  • The beautiful appearance looks very cute with soft fur.
  • The Border Collie is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Therefore, they quickly absorb orders and are trusted friends to their owners.
  • Especially very friendly, gentle and loves to play with children.
  • This Border Collie is a working dog, so they are always energetic, work very hard, and are suitable for training.

How to care for Border Collie dogs

Border Collie dog food

Border Collie dogs are quite easy to raise; they can eat anything their owners give them. Like meat, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, .. they can all be eaten.

However, there are also a few caveats. Do not give them foods that are too sweet or hot because this can damage the enamel of the dog’s teeth.

For this breed to develop in the best way, it is advisable to feed them sufficient food each day. A dog weighing 15kg needs to consume about 500g of food per day. Each dog needs to be provided with food equivalent to about 3.5% of body weight. Therefore, larger dogs will need to provide larger amounts of food.

How to care for and hygiene for Border Collie dogs

Collies are very active and fun, so you need to let them go for a jog every day and let them go to the park or garden to play. This helps them be friendly, intelligent, and easy to train and ensures that the dog has good health.

To clean Border Collie’s coats, you should bathe them 1-2 times a month and regularly brush their coat to smooth and remove dead hairs. Before brushing, you can spray a little water to prevent the hair from clumping.

Common Border Collie Dog health problems

Collies are healthy, rarely sick, easy to raise, and their average life expectancy is quite high; they often have eye problems, bone problems, and obesity. In addition, they can also contract some dangerous diseases, such as:

  • Eye Deformity (CEA): Common in Border Collies under two years of age. When suffering from this disease, the dog’s vision will be significantly reduced because the CEA – the part that supplies oxygen to the retina is affected. This disease can even cause blindness.
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: This disease can occur at any age, causing simple pain in the hip and leg joints of the Border Collie, leading to more inconvenience in walking.

However, the incidence of these diseases is still quite low, so you should monitor them regularly for timely detection.

Notes when caring for Border Collie dogs

When raising Collie dogs, you should give them full vaccinations, deworming, and medical records for easy monitoring. If you find that your dog has a lot of hair loss, refuses to eat, and vomits, you need to take it to the veterinarian to be checked for health status.

You can also consult your veterinarian about the menu to adjust the taste and amount of dog food.

Notes when buying Border Collie dogs

You can find many places to buy Border Collie dogs at different prices. However, to choose a good, healthy, beautiful, and well-made Collie dog, you must take the time to learn because these factors will affect the price of the Border Collie and the health of the Collie in the future.

Therefore, you should buy Border Collie dogs at reputable places, have full documents to prove the origin, and be careful with fraud, wrong delivery …

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