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How to care for a Husky dog

Husky dogs have faces that can express and express different emotions. From happy and sad, bewildered, confused, to flattery or angry…

Is it easy to raise a Husky dog, and what should be noted?

Origin and Characteristics of Husky Dogs

Origin of Husky dog

Some documents say that Husky dogs are medium-sized sled dogs originating from Northeastern Siberia, Russia. Husky dogs are also very closely related to Alaskan dogs and Samoyed dogs.

Husky dog.
Husky dog.

In 1908, Husky dogs were brought to Alaska in the United States to serve the purpose of sledding. Because this breed is considered a very strong runner, it is possible to tow the car for long distances in severe weather and at extremely fast speeds. People consider Husky dogs domestic pets, the most typical pets of Siberia.

Husky dog characteristics

Most Husky dogs are smaller than Alaskan dogs. Normally, male Husky dogs have a height of 53 to about 58cm and weigh from 20 to 27kg. In female Husky dogs, the height is from 51 to 56cm, and the weight is from 16 to 23kg.

Their elongated body, strong, sinewy legs, and thick fur help them keep warm and adapt to cold climates. However, many comments that the Husky dog’s face looks more fierce than the Alaskan dog’s. But the coat of the Husky dog is shorter than that of the Alaskan dog. In particular, the coat is often black with white, gray-white, snow-white, or brown-red-white…

Regarding personality, Husky dogs are also quite intelligent, mischievous, and love children. They have strong running health, so they love to go out and play and run every day. In particular, Husky dogs are also known as the most expressive among pets. Faces are capable of expressing different emotions. From happy and sad, bewildered, confused, to flattery or angry…

How to care for a Husky dog

Due to its origin in large areas and cold temperatures, Husky dogs especially like to live in a spacious environment to play. Besides, you need to pay attention to the ambient temperature when caring for Husky dogs. It is necessary to create a spacious and airy environment. The temperature from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius is most suitable for them.

Regarding Husky dog foods, they are not picky eaters. However, you should note that each meal should ensure adequate protein for them. You can feed them beef, pork, chicken, chicken breast, chicken neck, beef, or pork offal…. Add more duck eggs to make their feathers smoother, but do not overfeed them. In addition, some vegetables and carrots will also help them supplement the necessary fiber and vitamins, limiting overweight and hair loss …

Notes when caring for Husky dogs

Husky dogs love to run and play. Therefore, if locked in a tight environment, Husky may be hyperactive, often scratching, biting, barking loudly, or chewing on surrounding objects. Therefore, you should take the Husky to play for about 30 minutes daily to relieve their energy.

In addition, in rearing, it is necessary to pay attention to the careful hygiene of their accommodation and food and water containers. You should take a bath 1-2 times a week and pay attention to thoroughly clean the area between your toes, armpits, ears, etc. After bathing, you need to dry your hair. In case they are slightly dirty, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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