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French BullDog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Do you intend to adopt a cute French Bulldog but do not know the origin, characteristics, and how to care for him?

Please read this article in its entirety.

Origin of French Bulldog

The French Bulldog breed originated in England. In the 1860s, French breeders imported some of these Bulldogs from England, crossed them with French terriers, and named them French Bulldogs.

A French Bulldog.
A French Bulldog.

This dog breed is kept as an ornamental because of its alert nature and cute body, but it is not too hyperactive. And this dog is prized for its ability to effectively hunt mice.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

French Bulldog physical characteristics

French Bulldog head

The French Bulldog has a slightly square head and is smaller than the English Bulldog. They have large, upright ears, slightly bulging and dark-colored eyes, a flat nose, a flat jaw, and a very strong look.

French Bulldog body

Overall, the body of the French Bulldog has a lot of muscles, and the short legs have an average height of only about 30cm. Specifically, the adult female will weigh about 9-12kg. Males will weigh between 10-14kg.

The French Bulldog is pear-shaped, and the shoulders are usually wider than the butt. In addition, their fur is very smooth.

French Bulldog Personality


The French Bulldog breed is very easy to get along with other dog breeds. They do not bark or bite each other with other dogs, but on the contrary, they joke with each other very happily.

French BullDog breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Know how to express emotions and moods

This breed is very proficient in expressing emotions on the face; they know whether to show sadness or happiness through cute expressions so that their owners can know their emotions.


The French Bull is an extremely loyal dog breed to a person. Therefore, this breed of dog is chosen by many people as a pet. The French Bulldog will be even more lovable and docile if the owner lets them feel gentle and caring care.

How to take care of a French Bulldog

French Bulldog food

French Bulldogs can eat dog food. For a specialized formula, you must choose the right one for your dog’s breed, size, and age.

Some foods that you can add to your French Bulldog’s diet:

  • High-protein foods include Eggs, pork, beef, chicken neck, and offal of many cattle breeds.
  • Foods high in starch: Cooked rice or potatoes, sweet potatoes.

French Bulldog Health Problems

The French Bulldog is a healthy breed, but sometimes they also have a number of diseases and health problems, specifically:

  • Obesity: The French Bulldog is a fairly easy-to-eat species; their food often contains a lot of protein and starch. With the habit of eating a lot and then being lazy to exercise, energy is not released, which is the only reason this dog is prone to obesity. So we need to build a reasonable diet and exercise accordingly to avoid obesity.
  • Respiratory disease – difficulty breathing: During breeding, experts have inbreeding and inbreeding. As a result, their resistance is weaker. With a prominent feature of a flat nose, this French Bull often has difficulty breathing and wheezing.
  • Dermatitis: Inflammation of the skin of the French Bulldog is usually caused by an unventilated and clean living environment, parasitic mites, or unsuitable bath soaps for the skin. When they have this problem, their skin is often red and hair loss.
  • Red-eye disease: French Bulldogs often have problems such as Cataracts, red eyes, dry cornea, … because of genetics or irritation with dirt, pollen. Depending on the type and condition of the eye, there will be a separate treatment, such as disabling the cause of the allergy or treating allergies with specific eye drops.

Notes when taking care of French Bulldogs


It is necessary to adjust the room temperature appropriately to avoid being too hot or cold, causing heat stroke that can easily lead to respiratory diseases for French Bulldogs.

Fertility problems

Due to the short and stout body shape, the French Bulldog needs surgery to keep the puppies healthy when giving birth.

Dog hair care

The coat of the French Bulldog is quite short, so it doesn’t get too dirty, and you can bathe them about once a month or when you feel the need. After bathing, you should brush the dog’s coat and dry it thoroughly to avoid the dog’s hair loss or dermatitis.

How to train a French Bulldog

This is a rather stubborn dog, so you should train them from the age of 3 months; this time, it is necessary for them to integrate with the surrounding environment by walking around the amusement park or park.

French Bulldog Training.
French Bulldog Training.

Training to go to the toilet in the right place

If you see them showing signs of wanting to go to the toilet, you need to take them out into the yard to deal with them. Or prepare newspaper and food for them to defecate on newspaper. If they practice for 1-2 weeks, they will go to the toilet in the right place. When they go to the toilet in the right place, praise them to get them excited.

Teach the dog to sit

Bring some of their favorite food close to their nose, and reflexively they will jump up to take a look. At this point, you need to signal them to sit down and enjoy the food, so many times they will have that habit right away.

Teach the dog to lie down

After these dogs know how to sit, command them to lie down, and at the same time, gently press their shoulders to let them lie down and pull their legs out to lie in the correct position.

Teach the dog to shake hands

Command the dog to sit down, then you shout, “Shake hands.” Now you use your left hand to lift its right paw to shake hands; you can reward it with food when it does well. Just like that repeated often, they will remember the handshake command.

Teach the dog to eat and drink on command

You need to prepare the food they love to put in a bowl; now, you should chain them up so that when they rush to eat, you pull the leash back, shout “no eating,” and hold the dog down for about 2 minutes. and shouted, “Eat.” Just repeat it repeatedly, and they will begin to listen.

Common questions about French Bulldogs

How to distinguish between French Bulldogs and Boston Bulldogs?

The French Bulldog has short and big legs, stout bodies, and stocky muscles. They have deep and clear wrinkles on their faces.

The Boston dog has a slimmer body with small and long legs. There are not many wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead of the Boston dog.

Is the French Bulldog a picky eater?

The French Bulldog is known to be an easygoing breed; they can eat anything without being picky.

In particular, the French Bulldog loves to eat meat because their digestive system is optimized to absorb nutrients from animal meat. Their diet is always required to contain a lot of protein and fiber to ensure energy supply for the body.

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