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Rottweiler Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Rottweiler dog (also known as the Rott dog) is an interesting pet choice for those who love hunting dogs and want to find a strong, trustworthy companion.

Join DailyPets.net to learn about the origin, characteristics, and how to care for Rottweiler dogs through this article.

Rottweiler Dog origin

Rottweiler is a famous dog breed in Germany, known as one of this country’s four great national dogs. When it was first discovered, Rottweiler dogs were only popular in households in the area. Later, when they became more widely known, they quickly became one of the most sought-after dog breeds on the planet.

The Rottweiler was found in a town with a name similar to the name of this breed in Germany. According to records, Rottweiler dogs were found by breeders in the town of the same name in the 1800s. In the early 20th century, they quickly became one of the most desirable dog breeds. The popularity of the Rottweiler dog transcends national borders to reach many countries worldwide, such as England, America, France, etc. Over the centuries, up to now, the appeal of the Rottweiler dog has never diminished but also tends to increase over time.

Rottweiler Dog.
Rottweiler Dog.

With a strong, tall, strong appearance, especially a loyal nature. They are also very smart, agile, and “hardworking”. Besides, this breed of dog likes to exercise and has good strength, so it is often trained to guard the house or serve in security and the military.

Classification of Rottweiler dogs

Rottweiler dogs are divided into two lines: large breed Rottweiler dogs with a weight of 50kg and 60cm height and medium breed Rottweiler dogs, which are shorter and lighter at 60cm and 50kg.

Rottweiler dog appearance characteristics

Rottweilers are large, strong, and very muscular dogs, especially in the shoulders, chest, and hips; although they have a “muscled” body, it does not affect the speed and agility of the Rott dog.


Possessing the golden ratio with males being 61 – 69cm tall, weighing 50 – 60kg, and females being 56 – 65cm, weighing 35 – 48kg, Rottweiler dogs are extremely slim and balanced. Their muscles are not as prominent as Pitbull’s but have a more harmonious and gentle appearance. Perhaps for this reason, the Rottweiler is known as the “soldier” in the eyes of professional dog breeders.

Head and back

The Rottweiler’s head frame is quite round, and the muzzle is larger and flatter than other dog breeds. The perfection mentioned by many people probably comes from their long, straight backs. Besides, it is impossible not to mention parts such as the shoulders, chest, and hips, which are the places where the Rottweiler dog’s muscles are most developed. All of these parts show fullness and firmness, adding to the beauty of the Rottweiler dog.

Ears and tail

Rottweiler dogs have drooping legs, leaning forward, and a long tail. However, their tails are often amputated because their breeders believe this weakness causes them to lose in fights.


The Rottweiler has a 2-layer black coat, coarse and short. The fur underneath the legs, muzzle, and neck is usually dark yellow. When taking care of Rottweiler dogs, cleaning their fur is a must. You need to bathe them periodically every 7 to 10 days to ensure the dog is always in the cleanest condition and prevent skin-related diseases.

Rottweiler dog personality traits

Strong and courageous nature

Strength and courage are some of the personality traits that people often mention when talking about Rottweiler dogs. If you own a Rott, you will probably see that this is an extremely brave dog breed, and no difficulties can stop them. Because of this strength to the point of recklessness, you can feel completely secure when they are by your side. Their tenacity will protect you from surrounding dangers at any time.


Any dog breed has a loyal nature. But for Rottweiler dogs, their loyalty is defined at an absolute level. This trait is especially evident from a very young age. The proof is that if you have ever raised a baby Rottweiler, you will always see how they love and look forward to you.

Firm and steady

These are probably the two most obvious adjectives to refer to the characteristics of this breed. All of their actions exude calmness and elegance, even when they are in a dangerous position. In particular, Rottweiler dogs also have their own opinions and will not comply with any requests if you show condescension or force them.

Tenacious spirit

Rottweiler dog is ready to solo 1-1 with those stronger than him; even when injured, he does not give up easily and will always fight to the last breath. That is why they are chosen as Rottweiler working dogs in the military environment.

Tolerance, generosity

Sounds strange, right? But it’s a proven fact when Rottweilers fight. Whether they lose or win, they don’t show arrogance. If you lose, you don’t carry hatred or anger but are still ready to accept the result happily. This is one of the personality traits that makes dog owners love them even more.

How to take care of Rottweiler dogs

Rottweiler food

Besides ready-made food, to avoid boredom, you should occasionally change your dog’s dishes by combining them with many different foods. This will help stimulate their taste buds and make them eat more deliciously.

In a typical Rottweiler dog’s diet, there will be the following foods: Animal meats (beef, pork), fish, crabs, seafood, and animal organs, including tripe, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, brains of pigs and cows,… eggs (chicken, duck), starch, cereals (rice, porridge, biscuits), a fiber found in vegetables, tubers, and fruits.

Rottweiler nutrition by stage

To help your Rott grow well, you also need to feed your dog scientifically. Depending on the dog’s age, adjust the diet accordingly.

Rottweiler Dog breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Many people often choose small Rottweilers (2 months old) to buy and raise because, during this time, it is easier to train and educate the puppy. In addition, Rottweiler dogs are famous for their loyalty. You can take care of and train them from a young age so that they are loyal to their owners.

Rottweiler puppies under 3 months old

At this age, for dogs, people focus on the nutritional ingredients in each meal because this is a prerequisite period for their future development. Their food is usually minced, such as bread, sausages, etc. This is when the dog is weaned and cannot eat food that is too hard or too big and affects the stomach.

In addition to pureed food, dogs can eat food in powder form for easy digestion. A Rottweiler may have to eat several small meals a day (about 5) instead of a large meal to avoid indigestion.

Rott dogs that are cared for with good nutrition will affect their appearance, weight, and health in adulthood.

Rottweiler dog from 3-5 months

When the Rottweiler dog gets a little older, you should reduce the number of meals and increase the amount of food per meal. From now on, you should start forming good eating habits for your dog. Now you only need to eat 3 meals a day. Rotts that eat well can eat 2 meals a day.

Rottweiler dog over 5 months

During this time, Rottweiler dogs have the most changes in appearance. Their chests and muscles have begun to swell. During this time, you only need to feed 2 meals a day. But portion sizes have also been increased.

Since it is an active dog breed, the Rott will, of course, need a higher amount of nutrition.

How to take care of a breeding Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler dogs are often very “lucky.” Aged 18-20 months, Cho has started mating and spawning. Normally, at each breeding time, 1 Rottweiler can give birth to 8 to 12 puppies.

Their care regimen should be attention to for the best health of the mother and puppies. If the mother Rottweiler is well cared for, it will greatly affect the puppy’s weight at birth.

Nutrition for Rottweiler dogs

Rottweiler dogs weigh over 60kg. This is not a small level for dogs. During pregnancy, their weight can increase a lot. Therefore, their nutrition during pregnancy must be paid more attention than usual.

Design meals for each stage of their pregnancy. In the first period, feed about 3 meals a day with enough vitamin A, vitamin D, and protein,… Provide a source of minerals and clean water to have the dog to be pregnant and reproduce.

Then, gradually increase the number of meals to about 4 meals/day, keeping the same amount of nutrients so that the Rott dog has the best health to raise puppies.

How to care for and hygiene for Rottweiler dogs

Rottweiler is very active. In addition to supplementing with nutrients, paying attention to their activities and play is necessary to achieve the best health. You should spend more time running, playing, caring, and taking care of them to exercise physical and inherent instincts and arouse interest and attachment to people more.

Teach them to run, jump, and play light physical games. Then, caress and ask questions to create intimacy, connection, and love.

The Rottweiler has a smooth, short coat that is easy to care for. You just need to brush their fur with a specialized brush and only bathe them when necessary.

Common Rottweiler health problems

Common Rottweiler health problems include Allergies caused by eating strange, unhygienic foods or drug overdoses, gastric torsion disease due to irregular eating, overeating, hip dysplasia, and malignant bone tumors.

In addition, they are also susceptible to diseases related to genetics and bloodlines, easy snoring or overeating, and entropion. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and observe the Rottweiler to prevent and treat it promptly.

Notes when taking care of Rottweiler dogs

– Note the necessary nutrition for Rottweiler dogs depending on their age and stage.

– Have a reasonable exercise regimen for Rottweiler dogs. Set aside about 30 minutes a day for Rottweiler to exercise, freely play, and, most importantly, release excess energy in the body.

– One of the things you need to know when taking care of Rottweiler dogs is to find out information about the diseases they often suffer from to find ways to prevent them and help them develop most comprehensively.

– Take your Rottweiler dog to see a doctor immediately if there are signs of illness. It is essential to take them for regular vaccination to prevent rabies.

Rottweiler price

The price of a Rottweiler can vary widely depending on several factors, including the dog’s pedigree, lineage, quality, location, breeder reputation, and whether the dog is being sold as a pet or for breeding/show purposes.

On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2500 or more for a Rottweiler puppy.

A pet-quality puppy from a reputable breeder is about $1200 to $2000. A Rottweiler with top breed lines and a superior pedigree costs about $2,500 and $4,000.

DailyPets.net advises you to do thorough research, choose a reputable breeder or dog adoption organization, and prioritize the health and condition of the Rottweiler dog over price.

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