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What do you need for a dog?

Before officially bringing a new adorable member, a dog, into your home, preparing the necessary equipment and accessories for your furry friend is incredibly important.

This will help your dog adjust to the new living environment more quickly and also aid them in developing good habits right from the start. So, what do you need to raise a dog? Let’s find out in the following article from DailyPets.net.

Essential items for caring for dogs

Kennels and bedding for dogs

During the first time when puppies are young because they cannot control their bladder, they may go to the toilet indiscriminately if you do not pay attention. Therefore, you should keep the dog in the crate to ensure the cleaning process is more efficient.

Besides, give your dog a warm and quiet resting place by preparing a dog bed right in the cage to save space and help the pet gradually get used to this position.

Dog bowl food

For your dog to have delicious meals, buy him a lovely eating bowl. A double bowl can be very suitable and convenient for food and drink. In addition, the item also creates conditions to train the dog to eat neatly and cleanly and helps you not need to spend a lot of effort cleaning.

It would be best if you fed your dog in a clean bowl.
It would be best if you fed your dog in a clean bowl.

Dog toilet tray

The toilet habits of dogs are very important, so you should train them to go into the rules from the beginning. You should buy a dog litter box or toilet because these items will ensure the right place for the puppy to go to the toilet. This is the best choice if you don’t want to get caught up in a situation where your dog goes to the toilet in the room, or the smell of waste fills the living space. There are many sizes and styles of trays and toilets to suit both large and small dogs.

List of accessories you can buy for dogs

Protective equipment and accessories for dogs

Nameplates, collars, and straps for dogs

A name tag with all the dog’s information, such as your name, date of birth, breed, and phone number, is essential. If the dog is busy playing and getting lost, the name tag can help people contact you as quickly as possible. The nameplate with the necklace to ensure sturdiness and safety is the perfect match.

To be able to control the pet and ensure the safety of the use of a collar, a leash is extremely necessary. Straps for dogs can be made of leather, fabric, stainless steel, etc. These are durable materials that won’t hurt the dog when used. Depending on your specific use, you can choose the material and type of necklace and strap.

Muzzles for dogs

Dogs also need to be protected by lovely “masks” when going out. Using a muzzle will help keep your dog from eating strange and dangerous foods and also help you protect the surrounding community, avoiding the risk of bad bites and attacks on strangers.

Toys and training tools for dogs

Toys for dogs

Puppies are like children; they are very interested in toys. Toys for them can be gnawing bones, flying saucers, plastic balls, ropes, chicken toys… Toys make the pet’s spirit happier every day; they won’t have time to bite the furniture in the house. At the same time, toys are also a method to help pets exercise their health, build strong teeth, fast reflexes, flexible bones and joints, and reduce stress.

Training whistle for dogs

The whistle is a very effective dog training tool in place of food. This is a dog tool that brings a lot of benefits and effectiveness when training. The way the whistle training method works is very simple. Every time you blow the whistle, reward the pet with food immediately. This way, after repeating it many times, the dog will understand that each time it hears the whistle, it will be rewarded. From there, the dog will get into the habit of doing everything you want to hear the whistle.

Healthcare supplies for dogs

  • Dog Grooming Comb: This dog tool helps keep your dog looking good with a soft coat.
  • Nail clippers for dogs: Nail clippers will assist you in shortening your dog’s nails or toenails when the nails are too long.
  • Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste: This product will help your dog have strong and healthy teeth. You should find a brush with two large and small heads for easy use.
  • Shower gel for dogs: Using dog shampoo will help them stay clean and fragrant, away from harmful agents such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, mites, lice, etc.

What vaccinations do dogs need?

Going to the vet every few months to vaccinate your dog can seem inconvenient to all dog owners. However, vaccination against diseases that dogs are susceptible to will protect your pets from dangerous diseases that can kill or reduce their symptoms and then be cured completely. You should vaccinate your dog against diseases such as Care disease, Parvo disease, rabies, hepatitis, influenza, and Lepto disease.

Notes when starting to raise a dog

Spend time playing and exercising with a dog

Dogs are hyperactive animals, so they need to release their energy through walks or play with people, or they can become destructive. Ideally, it would be best if you took the time to walk your dog around the park or living area every day, about 15 – 60 minutes, to increase bonding or exercise for your pet.

Find a good veterinarian

Your veterinarian will be your companion in the health care of your dog. Therefore, you should find a good veterinarian so that you can talk, exchange experiences, and send your dog when they have health problems.

Owning a dog will make your life more fun and interesting. DailyPets.net hopes the above information will help you learn much about dog owners’ needs.

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