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Are black cats bad luck?

Cats are animals associated with gentleness and friendliness, but black cats are more “unlucky” than other cats when they are stigmatized by many and believe that they bring bad luck, illness, and even death…

So, let’s join DailyPets.net to learn the stories about black cats to know how true it is.

Why are black cats unlucky?

Christianity has long believed that cats bring bad luck and darkness. Until the 9th century, Pope Gregory’s declaration that black cats were reincarnations of the devil was like fuel added to the fire; Christians immediately hunted down every black cat and burned it. live them.

At that time, Christianity had spread throughout European countries. That’s why the fate of black cats is truly pitiful: burned alive, thrown from high towers to death…

They believe black cats are always associated with witches, are the witch’s powerful arms, and symbolize dark magic. Bad and unlucky things will happen if a black cat walks by.

A black Cat.
A black Cat.

Some other legends surrounding black cats also claim that they have a hidden connection with witches and demons. Therefore, the image of black cats becomes very scary in some cultures.

These concepts have existed from year to year, century to century, and until today.

Are black cats bad luck?

Today, there are many ebony cats kept in homes as other pets. Contrary to bad luck surrounding this cat, black cats in many parts of the world symbolize luck, bringing many good things and happiness.

In the UK, a black cat is a marriage blessing

In this country, black cats are considered a precious gift, conveying many thoughtful wishes and bringing good luck and happiness in marriage.

They believe giving a black cat to the bride on her wedding day has a profound meaning, bringing her marriage joy, complete luck, and lasting prosperity.

Newlyweds also keep a black cat in the house with the belief that they are a symbol of a long, happy couple’s life.

Having the same lucky meaning as in England, black cats in Japan also bring success in marriage, especially for single women.

Maneki Neko is also available in black color

Maneki Neko is known as the lucky cat – bringing good luck and fortune, very popular in Japanese culture and some countries today.

Are black cats bad luck?

They are considered a symbol of luck, wealth, and prosperity, so they are displayed quite a lot in stores.

The image of the white lucky cat is very familiar to everyone, but in fact, this cat also has a black version.

The black lucky cat is still believed to bring a lot of luck. Moreover, it is also believed to have a source of energy to ward off demons as well as dark, shady, and evil things.

For British sailors, ebony cats are protectors of good luck

Since ancient times, black cats have been considered very lucky for British sailors. They were seen as a talisman, ensuring sailors would have a safe journey and return home from the sea.

Even this black meowing “amulet” in the UK is expensive, and not every seafarer can afford it.

The black cat is the vehicle that pulls the chariot of the goddess Freya

Influenced by British culture, Scotland also considers black cats the color of luck and wealth. Contrary to some beliefs that black cats bring bad luck and disease, Scottish people have long believed that this appearance is a good omen bringing prosperity and wealth in the future.

It is also rumored that the goddess Freya looks a lot like a cat because the Norse goddess Freya wears a cape and covers her head with a white cat fur hat.

Giant black cats pull her carriage. Legend has it that if farmers feed the black cats that pull her carriage, the goddess will bless them with good harvests and abundant crops.

To this day, Northern European people still consider black cats sacred animals because they are connected to the goddess of love, Freya, so the image of black cats appears a lot in people’s rituals and festivals. Northern Europe.

In Egypt, black cats are the embodiment of the goddess Bastet

The origin of the goddess Bastet in legend is said to be from a breed of wild cat called Mau cat. This cat is the “hero of the forest,” helping people protect many sacred trees.

The legend of the origin of the goddess Bastet is probably built in part by her appearance: she has the body of a woman, but the head is very much like a cat. The goddess Bastet also has a Greek name that means “cat.”

The ancient Egyptians loved cats because of their instinct to hunt and destroy harmful animals, so they revered this goddess. Considered the embodiment of the goddess Bastet, the image of a black cat truly becomes very majestic and great.

Some popular black cat breeds

Bombay cat

Characterized by the appearance of a combination of a black Burmese cat and an American Shorthair black cat, the Bombay cat has short, shiny black fur and a very special and “cool” jet-black nose and mouth.

Known as the little leopard, the Bombay cat has a muscular body and is very healthy. They are courageous, strong, friendly, and close to their owners.

Chantilly cat

Chantilly cat is also known by another popular name, Tiffany. Also inspired by the breeding of black Burmese cats, the Chantilly cat is different with its long, flowing fur than the Bombay cat when the Chantilly is crossed with the Asian Longhair cat breed.

The Chantilly cat has a thick, semi-long, and very soft coat. Their bodies are relatively plump and healthy. Chantilly has a very strong nature but is also quite quiet. They are docile and affectionate cats, sometimes shy and reserved towards strangers.

Besides the two black cat breeds Bombay and Chantilly, there are many other cat species that also have jet black fur, such as British Shorthair cat, British Longhair cat, Persian cat, and Scottish Fold cat

Interesting facts about black cats

In addition to conflicting notions and opinions about ebony cats, there are a series of interesting things about black cats in the world. You can refer to below:

  • August 17 every year is considered the International Day of black cats
  • Male ebony cats are more common than females
  • Black cats in Russia are considered lucky, bringing money and happiness
  • In Germany, if you see a black cat crossing the street from right to left, it is a bad omen. Otherwise, it is a good omen.

There are countless other things about black cats in the world. If you know anything else you want to share, please comment below this article.

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