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Egyptian Mau Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest cat breeds and is even considered the ancestor of modern domestic cats. Is that correct?

Through this article, let’s join DailyPets.net to learn about the Egyptian Mau cat’s origin, characteristics, and care.

Origin and history of the Egyptian Mau cat

The Egyptian Mau is a natural breed of cat that appeared very long ago, from ancient Egypt to the time of the Pharaoh. This is because people have found a lot of evidence that the carvings on the paintings in many Pharaoh tombs and many other objects of this period have the silhouette of this cat.

The Egyptian Mau cat breed had a time of almost falling into extinction during World War 2. Fortunately, Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy took them, bringing 3 cats to the US for breeding, development, and success, establishing the Fatima Cattery Association specializing in the care for the Egyptian Mau cat.

Appearance characteristics of the Egyptian Mau Cat

According to the breed standard description, an Egyptian Mau cat will have a body length of medium size. A special feature of this cat breed is that their hind legs will be slightly longer than the front two. Perhaps because of this feature, they also win the title of fastest domestic cat; their speed can reach 48km/h.

Egyptian Mau Cat.
Egyptian Mau Cat.

A second outstanding feature of this cat breed is in the eyes. Their eyes are quite large, slightly slanted, and goose-green in color.

The Egyptian Mau Cat’s coat is relatively thick and glossy and has some natural base colors such as bronze, silver, smoke, and spots on it with black striped patterns. The stripes on their faces are similar to those of tabby cats, and if you pay attention, you can see that the ancient Egyptians may have inspired this cat’s eye drawing.

The coat and texture of this Egyptian Mau cat are the source for many of today’s unique patterned cats, such as the Bengal cat or, most recently, the Toyger cat.

Personality characteristics of the Egyptian Mau cat

No matter how epic the history of this Egyptian Mau, they are still just a cat. Therefore, the personality of this cat breed is similar to that of other domestic cats. They like to lie down, eat, and sleep, like play ball collecting, chase lasers of their owners, or tease their owners by putting mice on the bed.

They won’t need your worship like the ancient Egyptians, but you should play with them daily. Because even though they are a cat who likes to sleep and show off, they are still very affectionate and loyal to the person who feeds them every day.

Caring for the Egyptian Mau Cat

Many of you will wonder, is it easy to take care of the Egyptian Mau Cat? Do they have any special dietary or hygiene requirements?

What do Egyptian Mau Cats eat?

Regarding the diet, because of the peculiarities of the body, the Egyptian Mau Cat’s diet is a bit strict compared to the cat family. They need to eat homemade foods from a balance of nutrient groups such as starch, fiber, protein, and other minerals to maintain normal health.

Fortunately, these groups of substances are easy to find and not too expensive to prepare. And you need to avoid putting too much salt in their food. At the same time, sugar is a spice that is never added to this breed of cat.

Does the Egyptian Mau Cat need a lot of exercises?

The Egyptian Mau cat loves playing activities with you. Games like picking up objects, finding objects, going for a walk, etc., will make them happy and improve their mood.

At the same time, these physical activities are also highly effective in helping them prevent obesity and some diseases that can arise in the heart muscle in adulthood.

Common diseases in Egyptian Mau cats

Except for genetic diseases, fortunately, this Egyptian Mau breed rarely suffers from diseases like many other cat breeds. However, Egyptian Mau cats are still at risk of cat fungus and digestive diseases with poor care. Do not be subjective when taking care of your cats.

You just need to pay attention to their regular health checkups and take care of their mood and the appropriate diet, which will make them healthier.

Hygiene for Egyptian Mau cats

Regarding hygiene, the Egyptian Mau cat needs you to carefully clean their teeth, gums, eyes, and ears. Because these are the most sensitive parts, therefore, remember to use a different towel for each part to avoid infection.

DailyPets.net recommends using a litter box for cats. The Egyptian Mau will choose to defecate in secluded, secluded areas. You should train your cat to defecate in the right place in the sandbox. This will help keep both the cat and you hygienic.

And don’t forget to bathe your cat twice a week to keep it clean and smelling good. Consider bathing your cat with a human body wash, as this is not good, especially with the Egyptian Mau. Use products that are suitable for your pet.

How long does the Egyptian Mau Cat live?

The Egyptian Mau has an average lifespan of 12-18 years. However, their lifespan can be extended if you take care of them properly.

How much does the Egyptian Mau Cat cost? Where to buy the Egyptian Mau Cat?

Because the appearance of the Egyptian Mau is quite similar to today’s domestic cats, it is difficult to determine which is an original cat and usually has to rely on documents from reputable organizations.

Currently, in the world, the number of Egyptian Mau cats registered with cat organizations and recognized is relatively small, so if you want to own a cat like this, the price is also relatively high, usually around 1800$ cheat.

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