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American Bobtail Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The American Bobtail is an American cat with a short tail similar to the Manx or Japanese Bobtail. Still, in stark contrast to the two breeds above, the American Bobtail’s truncation gene is dominant.

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The origin of the American Bobtail cat breed

The history of the discovery of this breed of “Boytail Cat” is an interesting story. A young couple, John and Brenda Sanders, were driving on a picnic in Arizona when they spotted a wild cat, Tabby, with a short tail wagging along the roadside. The couple was immediately attracted to that odd act and decided to bring the uncle back to Iowa, naming him Yodi. Yodi then had a romance with the Siamese cat – Mishi created a product of kittens with unusually short tails, about half the length of their mother’s tail. The event quickly attracted the attention of North American breeders.

In 1989, TICA recognized the American Bobtail as a natural breed. The origin of this breed comes from wild cats possessing a natural short tail from different parts of the United States and Canada.

Appearance characteristics of the American Bobtail cat

The American Bobtail cat breed has a rather aggressive appearance, a relatively round and full body, a rather short and slightly curved back, and rather low and small legs; they have a short neck, wide chest, and pulse. Around the neck are many long, dense hairs called the neck cavity; the eyes are large and round, and the small ears are erect and slightly tilted forward.

American Bobtail cat.
American Bobtail cat.

The important identifying point of the American Bobtail cat is the amputated tail; its tail is usually only half or one-third of the length of a common cat’s tail. This cat’s tail also has features; their tail types are usually straight, curved, with a bump or slightly knotted.

The American Bobtail cat has a 2-layer short coat: The long outer layer is stiff, while the undercoat is soft. Their coat is usually striped like a wildcat and silver.

The size of the American Bobtail cat has a height of 25-30 cm and a weight of 3-7 kg.

Personality characteristics of the American Bobtail cat

The American Bobtail is an extremely intelligent and cheerful cat breed and is also extremely affectionate and devoted. This pet cat is very friendly and sociable; they are gentle with strangers, great with children, and good with other animals, including domestic dogs.

The nature of the American Bobtail is also very cute and mischievous; they are playful and energetic. This pet catsuits people who love intelligence, excitement, and friendliness.

How to care for an American Bobtail cat

Living conditions

The American Bobtail cat adapts quickly to the environment. They are not picky about tight or large, quiet or noisy places. However, owners should keep their cats at home to avoid illness, being threatened by other animals, or being captured by others while wandering outside.

How to take care

American Bobtails are less prone to shedding or tangling, so you only need to help them brush away dead hair once a week. It is not necessary to regularly bathe the cat.

Brush your cat’s teeth once a week to prevent dental problems. Regularly trim their nails and check their eyes and inside their ears. If you find your Bobtail’s eyes or ears dirty, gently use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away the dust. Clean the ear with a soft, wet cloth with a ratio of 50 warm water – 50 apple cider vinegar to avoid damaging the ear.

Please keep the cat’s sandbox clean, as cats focus on personal hygiene.

Health problems

Most cats of the American Bobtail are healthy, with no particular health problems noted.

Because they are very intelligent, American Bobtail cats can be trained to walk outside with their owners, play chase, pick up items to bring home, or play with toys their owners buy. They do not require much attention but will be happy to be cared for, playing with relatives in the house.

The average lifespan of the American Bobtail cat is 15 to 20 years.

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