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Why do Cats love boxes so much?

Cats’ love for boxes is a behavior that has fascinated and amused pet owners for a long time.

Cats are animals very familiar and close to us. But these games, hobbies, or daily habits or cat that I found out she would have its own reasons. Like cardboard boxes to size, different small, but it is a safe haven and ideal for cats, helping them keep warm and to reduce stress.

A cardboard box makes cats feel relieved.
A cardboard box makes cats feel relieved.

According to research by the Utrecht University team (Netherlands), cardboard boxes can cause cats to feel relieved because the shelter there we found quiet and a little more disturbed.

This small shelter would be preferable to cats easy prey hunted remote.

In the wild, these small havens would be the advantage to easily chase cats prey in remote and defensive retreats. Yet, if they were in the house, this would be a way to help them avoid the mad actions the owners do not want. Under tables, chairs, cupboards, hidden spots, potted aluminum, plastic … can be the alternate location paperboard barrel.

Paper box that keeps cats warm.
Paper box that keeps cats warm.

In many studies, scientists also found that tissue box keeps the animals warm. Cardboard boxes often include multiple layers, so that will help us avoid heat- and cold wind. This feature can be explained when the cat sleeps on the same mattress or under the sun, like the sun than in the shade.

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