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Things to know before getting a cat

To take care of a cat that is always healthy, playful, and lovely is not easy, especially for beginners. Therefore, adopting a cat for the first time is an important decision for you and your cat.

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Characteristics of cats

Cats are currently the most popular pet in the world. Depending on different cat breeds, they will have a variety of coat colors, hairless or tailless. Cats are natural predators and are known for their excellent mouse-hunting skills. Besides, they are very intelligent and can be trained to use simple tools like opening a doorknob.

Normally, cats have an average weight of 2.5-7kg and an average lifespan of 14-20 years. The distinguishing feature of cats is that they are very good at sprinting; even their speed can reach 30 miles for short distances. In particular, cats can jump about 200 cm high from a standing position.

Do you like cats?
Do you like cats?

The way for cats to regenerate energy is to sleep; their average sleep time is 13-14 hours a day, sometimes up to 20 hours. This animal is usually more active at sunset and becomes more active at night.

Scientific studies have proven that 30 to 60% of the cat’s personality is due to genetics; the rest is because they are influenced by the surrounding environment, especially the owner. The character and behavior of a cat, good or bad, depends quite a lot on the personality and care of the owner.

Summarize the experience of caring for cats

Things to do when caring for a cat

Prepare the necessary items

If you are determined to stick with the cat for a long time, you need to find out in advance the behavior and needs of the cat to prepare them with the necessary supplies and accessories. You can choose to purchase the following items:

  • Bed or mattress.
  • Cat litter and litter tray.
  • Drinking bowl.
  • Rake post or tree house.
  • Hair comb.
  • Cat wash solution.


When you bring your cat home, you first need to find out how healthy it is. Cats are very susceptible to diseases such as care, parvo, rabies, … so you need to take them to the veterinarian for full vaccination as soon as possible. This will help the cat’s body resist better and prevent strange diseases that make health decline.

Choose the right food

A cat’s basic dietary needs include protein from meat or fish, amino acids – taurine, water and vitamins, minerals,… Therefore, you need to research and select appropriate types of food for the cat and ensure the necessary nutrients that cats require for their healthy growth and development.

Spend time playing with cats

Playing with cats is a great activity to increase the bond between you and your cat. Cats are naturally active and love to play, so taking the time to care for and play with them is the best way to keep your cat from feeling lonely and mentally develop normally. In addition, you also need to take your cat outside for exercise or running to absorb fresh air and sunlight.

Taboos and should not do when caring for cats

Place lilies in the house when caring for cats

Not only lilies but all plants or flowers; you need to find out if they are safe for cats before bringing them home. Because lilies contain a very toxic toxin to cats, when cats, unfortunately, ingest any part of this flower, they can suffer kidney failure or, worse, die.

Let the cat play with woolen yarn or a long string

PurringPal animal nutritionist and former veterinary technician Jaimee Alsing have researched and shown that wool or long strings are unsafe toys for cats. The reason is that ingesting this object can cause the cat to have a straight foreign body. When this happens, their intestines will be twisted and knotted, leading to death if parts of the intestine are not surgically removed.

Train your cat by hitting

Training cats to behave properly is not as simple as people think. Cats are very sensitive to loud noises and voices; when you make these noises, your cat will think it’s a threat and start to avoid it. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate method when responding to your cat’s behavior that you find unacceptable.

Shave your cat’s hair when it’s not necessary

The coat helps cats regulate their body temperature to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, the fact that you arbitrarily shave the cat’s hair does not necessarily have a good effect on its health. Consult your veterinarian if you want to trim your cat’s hair neatly for cosmetic reasons.

Notes when keeping cats as pets

Do not allow cats to enter dangerous areas on their own

Cats are inherently curious and love to run and jump, so it is possible to explore and climb everywhere, especially dangerous places in the house. It would be best if you showed a strict attitude when you catch them running and jumping like that from a young age to practice the habit when they grow up.

Spaying for cats

Experts say cats at 2-6 months are the best time to be spayed. This will help reduce the risk of your cat causing problems like wandering or going to the toilet. Regarding health, neutering also helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and diseases like metritis.

Cats are cute and naughty pets that many people love. Hopefully, DailyPets.net has helped you take notes of useful cat care experiences.

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