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Ragdoll Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Ragdoll cat is a breed of cat from the United States of America. The cats have characteristic blue eyes and a contrasting 2-color coat. Ragdoll cats are very docile and obedient.

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Learn about the Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdoll cat origin

Ragdoll is the name of a cat breed with beautiful blue eyes and two contrasting coats. The Ragdoll is a large cat with a gentle and loving personality. The name Ragdoll comes from the habit of shaking and relaxing when being picked up.

In the 1960s, Ann Baker, an expert breeder of Persian cats in California, selected kittens from a mother cat named Josephine (a wild, white, long-haired Persian cat) crossed with Turkish Angora) and father cats of the Birman, Burmese, and 1 Siamese-like coat.

In the first litters, there was Blackie (male, jet-black, looking like a Burmese cat) and Daddy Warbucks (black-spotted like a Siamese, white-footed). Daddy Warbucks was crossed with a bisexual cat named Fugianna, Blackie was crossed with BuckWheat (black fur, like Burmese). Fugianna and BuckWheat are both children of Josephine.

Ragdoll cat breed.
Ragdoll cat breed.

Later, Ragdoll cats are all descendants of Daddy Warbucks, Fugianna, and BuckWheat, and Ragdoll cats originated in America.

Ragdoll cat physical characteristics

The Ragdoll cat has a larger body than other normal cats. They have long fur and beautiful blue eyes. Round head covered with shaggy fur, slightly long and pointed muzzle, thin erect ears. Ragdoll usually has the main colors such as chocolate, lilac, cream, blue, …

Due to their large size, their growth rate will be slower than other cat breeds. They fully develop their coat at 2 years of age and fully develop in size and weight by 4 years of age.

Adult male cats usually weigh 6-9kg, while adult female cats usually weigh 4.5-7kg. This is the normal weight of a healthy, non-obese Ragdoll cat. The average lifespan of a Ragdoll is from 12 to 17 years, depending on living conditions and care.

The typical patterns of the Ragdoll cat


Cats will have 2 colors, darker on the ears and top of the head. The face is pure white and looks like an upside-down triangle, the nose is pink, and the whole body is white.

Bi-color cat.
Bi-color cat.

Ragdoll Van

Only large dark spots on ears and tail. Pink nose and pads.

Ragdoll Van cat.
Ragdoll Van cat.

Ragdoll Point

The ears, face, tail, and paws are darker than the base coat color.

Ragdoll Point cat.
Ragdoll Point cat.

Ragdoll Mitted

Ragdoll Mitted will have dark spots like Ragdoll Point. However, their feet are bright white, from the foot to the ankle, not to the thigh.

Ragdoll Mitted cat.
Ragdoll Mitted cat.

Ragdoll cat personality

The docile and obedient personality of the Ragdoll is believed to be inherited from the Persian and Siamese. The typical characteristics of this cat are: Gentle and gentle. Vivacious, affectionate, and very loyal.

Ragdoll cats have a pleasant personality, docile but quite shy. Ragdolls are very attached to their owners. Because of their high shyness, Ragdoll cats are defenseless. Therefore, the owners of the children must regularly keep an eye on the children against cat thieves.

Ragdoll cats are friendly with humans and live in harmony with other pets. When living together, Ragdoll cats will not quarrel and fight. In addition, this cat breed is very suitable for homes with young children.

How to take care of Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat food

The rations and the amount of food for Ragdoll cats will be more than other cats of the same type because Ragdoll has a larger body than other cats.

You need to pay attention to the choice of cat food and exercise regimen. If other cats eat 1 teaspoon of dried seeds per serving, that will increase to 1.5 or 2 tablespoons of dry seeds with Ragdoll cats. Besides, after 30 minutes to an hour, you need to let them sit up and play or go for a walk to expend energy and avoid being overweight.

Ragdoll cat food is similar to other pet cats. This group of fresh foods, such as beef, chicken, organs, and vegetables, provide cats with appropriate protein and fiber. You need to handle it carefully so that the Ragdoll cat does not have digestive disorders. If you don’t have much time to cook, you can feed your cat dry nuts. But the most economical is that you can make your own at home, which is cheap and nutritious.

Care for the coat and nails of Ragdoll cats

In addition, taking care of the nails and coats of Ragdoll cats is also very important. Because Ragdolls have long and thick coats, owners need to brush them regularly with a rubber comb to remove excess hair, lice, and dirt. Owners must also bathe and trim the Ragdoll’s coat about once a week to avoid skin diseases.

Ragdoll cats are easygoing, so trimming their nails is also quite easy, but owners need to see the instructions on how to trim the cat’s nails first to avoid hurting the babies.

Health care for cats Ragdoll

Although it is a large, strong cat. But Ragdoll cats still occasionally have health problems like joint, heart, and eye diseases. Owners should pay attention to bringing Ragdoll to the veterinarian for periodic health checks.

Other notes when taking care of Ragdoll cats

When raising a Ragdoll cat, just keep in mind a few simple things:

– Clean out Ragdoll’s toilet tray

– Regularly provide clean drinking water for them

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