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How to Name Your Cat

Trying to be creative and develop a good name for your new cat can be challenging.

You want a name that captures their unique personality and quirks and is easy to pronounce and remember. One approach is to draw inspiration from your cat’s appearance – their coat color, pattern, or distinctive markings could spark a creative name idea.

Alternatively, consider their behaviors and habits – do they have a playful nature that could lead to a whimsical name, or are they more reserved and elegant, suggesting a sophisticated moniker? Another avenue to explore is pop culture, whether it’s referencing a favorite book, movie, or character that resonates with you.

Pick a Name for your Cat.
Pick a Name for your Cat.

Ultimately, naming your cat is a delightful adventure, a chance to infuse a touch of your personality into your feline friend’s identity. Embrace the challenge, have fun with it, and soon enough, the perfect name will emerge, solidifying the unique bond you share with your beloved pet.

Don’t Rush Into Selecting a Name

Remember that you could be using this name for more than ten years! It is not a disaster if you haven’t picked one name before your new cat arrives. It is much better to delay selecting a name than allow them to get used to it and then change it a few weeks in, just as they are getting used to it.

Don’t Over-Complicate It

Pick a name that is simple and easy to say for your cat. If the name is too complicated, your cat will likely get confused. You could also feel silly shouting their name when you want them to come to you.

If you opt for a long name because it has some personal significance, then be ready to use an abbreviated version for everyday use. For example, if you fan Lord of the Rings and want to call your cat Samwise Gamgee, using Sam would be simpler and easier.

Consider the Other Names in the Household

Try not to pick something that sounds too similar to anyone living in the house, two or four-legged. If you have a dog named Joe, then picking the name Mo for your cat could confuse you when you are trying to get the attention of just one of them.

Don’t Get Too Funny

You may think it is hilarious to call your cat a borderline-inappropriate name but don’t forget to use this name when registering with your vet. It will be called out in the waiting area, and you must tell your pet sitter, work colleagues, and family members what your cat is called, too.

Consider Their Personality

By waiting until the cat arrives to name them, you’ll have a chance to see their personality, which may inspire a name choice. You may want something like Bruiser if they are small cats with aggressive personalities. You may want to go with Goofy if they are a big clown.

Consider Their Appearance

Some cats may have unique markings or certain things about their appearance that inspire a name choice. If they are bald Sphynx, you may want to go with Yul, after the famous bald actor. You may want to go with Rusty or Ginger if they are ginger tabby.

Looking for Further Inspiration?

Aside from naming your cat based on their personality or appearance, there are many other options for inspiration if you are struggling.

Cat Name by Favorite Famous Figures

If you have a favorite character from the screen or literature or a character from history that inspires you, this might influence your choice. For example, cats being named after Game of Thrones characters has become increasingly common in recent years.

Cat Name by Hobbies

Are you a fan of a particular sports team or player? Maybe you are an enthusiastic gardener and want to name your cat after your most loved small flower, Daisy.

Names your cat can be inspired by hobbies, fandoms, studies, or even a favorite food or drink (or wine): It is not unusual to hear of a cat called Rioja or Merlot.

What About a Nostalgic Name?

Picking something that brings back fond memories can attach more meaning to a name. Maybe you want to name them after a much-loved holiday destination or someone you were close to and have lost touch with. The name could also be something fun like your favorite candy growing up.

Above All Else, Pick a Name You Like

Don’t stress too much about the small stuff. If your cat responds well to the name and you like it, that is all that matters. Your cat won’t mind if it is overly common, extremely unique, or one that other people may find odd.

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