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African wild Cat breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The African wildcat, also known as Felis Lybica or Lybica cat, is a breed of cat with very good eyesight living in Africa. They are not a common breed of cat.

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Origin of the African Wild Cat

This is a breed of cat with long origins, about 131 thousand years ago in the Middle East. Archaeologists have found fossils of African wildcats in tombs in Cyprus. Currently, the African wildcat appears in almost every country in Africa.

The appearance of the African wild cat

The African wildcat is classified as a medium-sized cat compared to other wildcat breeds. An adult cat usually achieves the following:

  • Height: about 23 – 35 cm
  • Weight: about 3 – 6.5 kg
  • Length: about 45 – 75 cm

The head of the African wildcat is wedge-shaped and relatively small. Their ears are triangular in shape, full of feathers, and point forward. The cat’s eyes are large, short in width, and quite round. The cat’s nose is quite straight and relatively large; the tip of the nose is slightly upturned, pale in color. The cat’s muzzle is quite small. These cats have quite strong and sharp jaws; the cat’s fangs are very long and sharp.

African wild cat.
African wild cat.

The body of the African wildcat is relatively large but quite well-proportioned. A cat’s neck is usually relatively large and short. This cat breed has a relatively long back with a fairly straight and very strong cat skeleton. The body of the cat is large and very developed. Muscles are well-developed and toned. The muscles in the thighs are very toned and developed. The legs of the African wildcat are large, straight, relatively long, and very strong. The cat’s tail is large but neat, always loosely following the paw. A cat’s tail can range from 20 – 38 cm.

The coat of the African wildcat is not too thick compared to other wild cats. A cat’s hair is relatively short and silky. This cat breed lives over a long geographical area, so there are many variations in coat color. From sandy yellow, reddish brown to gray, brown, gray-black. These cats also have stripes and spots in the same color spectrum as the fur but darker.

The personality of the African Wildcat

African wildcats are well adapted to the harsh environment of Africa. They are mainly active at night to avoid the harsh sunlight of the desert. Moreover, at night the new prey is more active. The African wildcat is very alert and has a very high hunting instinct.

African wild Cat breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

These wildcats are not suitable animals to keep in families. They are wild in nature and very independent. African wildcats, when hunting, will become professional hunters. The African wildcat is a breed of cat with very good eyesight. They can see their prey from great distances in the dark.

These African junglers can receive training well. They have relatively good visibility. This cat breed does not hesitate or hesitate but is extremely decisive when performing tasks. If you are an experienced and skilled owner, you can keep them as a very good companion. However, this is not highly recommended, as you may be in danger.

The fertility of the African wildcat

African wildcats have good fertility. Cat breeds often have an early reproductive process. Female cats reach sexual maturity at 9 – 10 months of age. While the males mature at 11-12 months of age.

The average lifespan of cats is usually 15-17 years. In a litter, the mother cat can give birth to 1-8 kittens, an average of 5-7 kittens. The gestation period of the African wildcat is usually 61-75 days. Female cats only give birth to one litter per year. They can give birth to a second litter if the first is lost early in the season.

The selling price of the African wildcat

The African wildcat is not a breed suitable for keeping as a pet. The survival instinct in the wild makes the African wildcat have a ferocious instinct. These cats are rarely commercialized. However, this cat breed has a high selling price that not all owners are suitable for raising. They require a lot of training skills from the owner. An African wildcat on the market today costs between $4000 – $10000.

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