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How to care for Paradise fish

Paradise fish is dazzlingly beautiful, thanks to its colorful and diverse body. Along with that, the fins spread like wings to fly.

Aquarists can hardly resist the attractive and enchanting beauty of this fish. In this article, DailyPets.net guides you on how to care for Paradise fish.

Origin Of Paradise Fish

The scientific name of Paradise fish is Macropodus opercularis. This freshwater fish belongs to the order sea bass, the giant fish family.

Paradise fish are distributed mainly in Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. And live mainly in ponds and rice fields in Vietnam.

Characteristics of Paradise Fish

Paradise fish has a flat body, small round eyes, and many black dots on its head and back. The dorsal and pelvic fins extend from the back of the head to the tail, with a red-rimmed blue dot on the gill cover. The lower part of the belly of the Paradisefish has two rays, a fork-shaped tail, and colorful, diverse scales.

Female Paradisefish are smaller, paler, and more opaque than males.

How to Care for Paradise Fish

Preparing the Aquarium

Paradise fish prefer to live in low-lying environments, in coastal dusty areas, or in stagnant pools of water near rivers, streams, and drains in rice fields.

Paradise Fish.
Paradise Fish.

Paradise fish will grow best in an environment that is closer to nature. Therefore, according to DailyPets.net, you should prepare more aquatic plants and miniatures if you want to raise this fish. Especially floating plants such as duckweed, lotus, water lily, etc. At the bottom of the aquarium, you can also decorate it with logs, rocks, gravel, and a layer of sand to avoid scratching the fish.

Suitable water temperature 16 – 27 degrees Celsius, pH 5.8 – 8.0, water hardness 5 – 30. Aquarium water must be changed regularly. When changing, keep 1/3 of the old water to avoid shocking fish.

Food Suitable for Paradise Fish

Paradise fish is omnivorous. Their favorite dishes are small aquatic animals, insects, crustaceans, worms… If you don’t have much time, you can feed them pellets… However, advice from DailyPets .net is that you should also change the menu for Paradise fish from time to time with other fresh foods. Using dry pellets for a long time can make fish lose their appetite.

Reproductive Habits of Paradise Fish

Paradise fish have the habit of laying roe. The roe fish attaches to the bubble nest and will hatch within 48-96 hours. The male fish takes care of the roe and fry. During spawning, you should supplement nutrients for fish with fresh or frozen foods.

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