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How to care for Glass Catfish

Glassfish feed on small aquatic invertebrates. For example, water bugs, larvae… This fish is very suitable for keeping in aquariums.

However, you must prepare a clean water environment and be raised in small flocks. Quantity from 15 children or more so that Glassfish has more prominent and beautiful colors.

Origin and Characteristics of Glass Catfish

Glass Catfish’s scientific name is Kryptopterus bicirrhis. Originally, they appeared in lakes in Malaysia and Indonesia. Then, it gradually popularized in Southeast Asian countries.

You can see their bodies are almost transparent, like glass. This fish possesses a strange and unique beauty that is rare and difficult to find. When mature, the normal size of Glass Catfish is about 10 cm. Due to their gentle nature, they are easy prey for other fish.

However, the Glass Catfish is one of the world’s strangest and most unique fish. Their bodies are almost as transparent as glass. You can see the fish’s bones and internal organs. This is a beautiful aquatic fish, easy to raise, and is loved by many aquarists.

How to Care for Glass Catfish

Prepare the aquarium

Glass Catfish live well in water temperatures from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, water hardness from 5 to 15 dH, and pH from 6 to 7.5. This species is suitable for keeping in aquariums. However, they require a clean water environment and live together in small flocks. You should raise a flock of 15 or more so that they have more prominent and beautiful colors.

Glass Catfish.
Glass Catfish.

Glass Catfish usually swim in the middle and bottom layers. Their appearance is transparent, pure as glass, but they swim in groups. Therefore, it often confuses the enemy, making identifying each individual to attack difficult.

You can prepare more aquatic plants, driftwood, and rock holes in the lake so the Glass Catfish has space to hide. Because this species naturally prefers low-light areas.

What does Glass Catfish eat?

Glass Catfish feed on small aquatic invertebrates. For example, water bugs, larvae…

In addition, you can also prepare some chopped vegetables and meat to make them full of nutrients. However, it should be noted that Mercury fish are small, so only eat foods that fit your mouth.

What kind of fish are Glass Catfish raised together?

Glass Catfish are very gentle by nature and overly friendly. Therefore, if you want to keep with other species, you should choose fish with a gentle nature, like Glass Catfish.

Glass Catfish Breeding Experience

When caring for Glass Catfish, the most important thing is to keep the water environment in the tank clean and clean regularly to avoid contamination. Dirty water is easy to cause white fungus disease in Glass Catfish.

When the water is clear, Glass Catfish live very well and catch the lights beautifully in the aquarium. In addition, living in groups with 15 or more individuals will help them grow and develop better. If living alone, Glass Catfish will be at risk of stress, loss of appetite, digestive diseases, and possibly death. Please attention.

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