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Common Uses for Fish Aquarium Pumps

Every fish tank requires essential equipment to function properly, and among them, optional aquarium pumps can be utilized for pumping air or water in different ways.

This article will share some of the most common ways to use aquarium pumps.



If you would like to spruce up your fish tank, then there is an almost endless supply of decorations you could buy. Some of these decorations have the ability to move around the tank powered by aquarium pumps. Air pumps can be used to make a diver go up and down inside the fish tank. They can also be used to open and close treasure chests or produce air bubbles.

Water Movement

Water movement is necessary for every aquarium. If you don’t create any water movement, algae will build up in the tank, forming a film on the water’s surface. Water aquarium pumps can be used to create water currents to keep the water circulating.

Protein Skimmer

Protein skimmers are mostly used in saltwater aquariums to remove proteins and amino acids from the water. They create bubbles that attract organic compounds, which are then deposited into a chamber. These protein skimmers can be powered by aquarium pumps that pump either air or water. Skimmers powered by water pumps are often more powerful than those that use air aquarium pumps.


You can also use aquarium pumps in combination with your filtering system. Although air pumps can be suitable, they are normally only used when you have very small fish. Water pumps usually send water through the filtering system and return it to the fish tank once the process has been completed and the water is clean.


The final use of aquarium pumps is for aeration. Air pumps are utilized to keep the level of oxygen in the tank at healthy levels for your fish. The pumps power air stones that generate air bubbles that rise to the water surface. This turbulence helps the water obtain oxygen from the surrounding air.

Aquarium pumps can be used in a variety of ways for a fish tank. They can power protein skimmers and various decorations and produce beneficial water movement. Air and water pumps can also be used in combination with your filtration systems to keep your water clean. If you don’t currently have any aquarium pumps for your fish tank, then maybe you should think about getting one.

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