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American Bully Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

American Bully is a dog with a toned, muscular body belonging to the group of ornamental dogs originating from the United States that many pet lovers around the world raise.

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Learn about the American Bully Dog breed

Origin of American Bully Dogs

The Bully Dog has the full name American Bully, a dog breed that originated in the US in 1995. After that, the Bully dog began being introduced to neighboring and some Asian countries.

The Bully dog results from a cross between a purebred Pitbull and a Bulldog. Although the appearance of the Bully dog is quite large, large, and fierce, their nature is gentle, and loves the owner.

Classification of American Bully Dogs

Based on the average adult size as well as mating genes and gender, Bully dogs are classified into 5 types:

American Bully Pocket

Males are 14 to 17 inches, and females 13 to 16 inches. The American Bully Pocket will look slightly smaller than other Bully types, but not that tiny.

American Bully Standard

Males can be up to 20 inches tall, and females 19 inches at the shoulder. The American Bully standard breed has a standard body shape with a square face and solid body. This is also a popular Bully dog breed because of its strong and strong skeleton.

American Bully Classic

With the same size as the Bully standard, but the body weight of the American Bully classic is slightly lighter and slimmer. The build is less massive than the standard Bully, and they usually have a square head and muzzle coupled with a light body frame.

American Bully Extreme

The American Bully extreme dog breed will have more mass and muscle and be heavier than the standard Bully. Although they still keep the same characteristics and temperament, the Bully extreme breed has a muscular appearance and a higher bone index than the standard Bully.

American Bully XL

Males measure up to 23 inches, and females 22 inches. This is the final boss of the American Bully dog breed. The American Bully XL dog has similar characteristics to other Bully dog breeds but possesses superior height, weight, and bone index compared to the remaining Bully breeds.

Popular American Bully dog coat colors

The American Bully dog’s coat is quite close and rough. Bully dogs usually have some simple and neutral colors such as gray, black, and light yellow, … and sometimes they still have a spotted color or appear in rare form with 3 distinct colors.

American Bully Dog.
American Bully Dog.

American Bully dog appearance characteristics

The American Bully’s head is square and medium, revealing a wide forehead. Bully dogs’ ears are usually protruding and are neither too thin nor long. Their eyes are far apart, and the muzzle is slightly truncated with slightly sagging edges, but their biting power is not inferior to that of a Pitbull.

The special feature of Bully dogs is their solid, sturdy body. The American Bully’s ribs are quite muscular, with a strong and wide chest. Bully’s back is balanced, neither too short nor too long; however, because Bully’s shoulder blades are quite massive, Bully’s back shape will have a slope from the shoulder blades down.

American Bully’s legs are big and strong; the muscles in Bully’s legs are thick and muscular to help them run quickly, decisively, and grip many objects.

American Bully Dog Personality Traits

Although looking at the appearance looks quite fierce, like the Pitbull, on the contrary, the Bully is very approachable and gentle. Bully will not suddenly attack other dogs without orders from their owners.

They are very obedient to their owners and especially very friendly with children. You can rest assured that Bully dogs can easily sympathize with the little ones.

Loyalty will be found in most dog breeds; this fellow American Bully is no exception. Bully has a gentle temperament and easily adapts to many living conditions. The Bully dog breed is a reliable friend for the owner because from 7 months of age to adulthood, they only obey orders from their owners, and they also dare to protect their owners.

Reasons to adopt a Bully dog

The American Bully dog with a strong and muscular appearance is very suitable for those with a playful personality and who like to be different. Besides, the Bully dog will be a loyal friend and obedient to the owner’s word.

How to care for an American Bully dog

American Bully dog food

You must give them a proper diet to keep Bully’s body strong and healthy. Meals for Bully dogs will usually have a lot of meat combined with other foods such as egg whites, pork liver, chicken neck, milk, cheese,… In addition, other functional foods can be added to increase muscle mass for Bully dogs.

American Bully dog’s nutrition in stages

Under 3 months old

After the breastfeeding period has passed, Bully puppies will need a suitable diet. Because a puppy’s digestive system is still not fully developed, the main food is meat with vegetables and roots that are pureed or cooked into porridge.

It would be best to break the meal into 4 to 5, equivalent to 600 – 700 grams daily. Each meal should be spaced 4 to 5 hours apart to avoid the puppy being too full, leading to vomiting.

From 3 to 6 months old

Bully is also almost fully grown at this stage so the diet will change slightly. Food no longer needs to be pureed so that Bully can train his jaw muscles to become stronger, and the number of meals will be 3 meals a day.

Over 6 months old

As Bully’s body has become more and more muscular and mature, you will also need a large amount of food for her. The food for Bully dogs should have more calcium, and for the baby to chew on bones such as chicken neck and duck neck to strengthen the jaw muscles. You can only feed Bully for breakfast and dinner but make sure the amount of food each meal equals 2 meals combined to provide enough nutrients for Bully.

How to take care of and hygiene for Bully dogs

Similar to other dogs, Bully will need a place to eat and sleep comfortably with some toys. According to the veterinarian’s advice, you should bathe your dog 2 to 3 times every week, take them to the doctor, and deworm periodically.

Common Bully dog health problems

The Bully breed often suffers from allergies due to an overactive immune system. In addition, they may experience hip or elbow disorders. You can prevent this disease by adding vitamins or Omega 3 fatty acids to Bully’s meals.

Bully dogs also often suffer from respiratory diseases due to their short nose. Some Bully breeds can have an inherited nervous system disorder that makes it difficult for a baby to function in daily life.

Notes when caring for Bully dogs

At the age of under 3 months, you should ensure a clean and hygienic food source for Bully and not let Bully chew on bones because they can swallow them. You should also take your baby to get vaccinated against worms and other diseases to keep your baby’s health always good.

When cleaning American Bully dogs, you should choose specific shower gels and gently massage them, especially where bacteria accumulate, such as between toenails, to limit disease-causing bacteria.

American Bully dogs will not like water because their respiratory system is weak and very easy to choke. If you want to practice swimming for your Bully dog, always watch and avoid deep water.

Notes when buying Bully dogs

To buy a quality Bully dog breed and get good health, you can refer to some of the following notes:

  • Choose Bully dogs with compact ears raised high on the top of the head. You can clap your hands in front of the dogs to check if the baby responds well to the sound.
  • Check Bully’s eyes by moving an object back and forth in front of her; if her eyes move along, there’s no problem.
  • You should choose dogs with quick and elegant steps with thick, shiny, bold, and clear coats.
  • Some other health problems that you also need to pay attention to are skin diseases, discharge in the corners of the eyes, watery anus, etc. Choosing a pet should also be about 20 minutes before deciding.
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