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Peruvian Inca Orchid Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Peruvian Inca Orchid dog is one of the most expensive pet dog breeds many people love. This breed is fond of foraging and hunting, so many people keep it to keep the house.

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Learn about the Peruvian dog breed

Origin of the Peruvian Inca Orchid dog

The Peruvian dog originated in the pre-Inca era in Peru more than 3000 years ago. This dog breed was noticed, loved by the Spanish people, and imported to the country to raise and breed; since then, this breed has widely appeared not only in Spain but also in many other countries.

The full name of the Peruvian is the Peruvian Inca Orchid, which can be understood as the hairless Peruvian dog given by the Spaniards. This breed loves foraging and hunting, so it is raised to guard homes, farms and support hunting for its owners.

Popular Peruvian Inca Orchid dog coat colors

The Peruvian dog has a variety of coat colors, including common colors such as brown, black, or gray and some less common colors such as white and pink,… Peruvian dogs with black, brown, or gray colors are common and most popular.

The Peruvian dog is hairless.
The Peruvian dog is hairless.

Features of the Peruvian Inca Orchid dog’s appearance

The most characteristic feature is that the Peruvian dog is almost hairless on the whole body; they have a medium to high body temperature, so they can keep their body warm without needing fur.

Normally, a puppy Peruvian weighs about 4.5kg and weighs about 20cm tall. When mature, they will be about 30-50cm tall and weigh about 8-20kg, depending on their location, upbringing, and living environment.

Despite the appearance, the weight is not too large, but the body of the Peruvian dog is quite toned with a fairly wide skeleton; the 4 legs are thin but very straight, and the feet are also very wide and firm, very suitable for running and hunting. Their eyes are small, brown, or black, their long arms point in different directions, and their muzzle is also considered quite long compared to other breeds.

Peruvian Inca Orchid dog personality traits

The Peruvian dog is active, agile, intelligent, loyal, and listens to its owner. This breed loves to play with its owner, is sensitive to what is happening around them, and is very proactive in protecting its owners. Therefore, they are often raised to keep and protect the home and the owner.

The Peruvian dog is quite active and agile.
The Peruvian dog is quite active and agile.

How to care for a Peruvian Inca Orchid dog

Peruvian Inca Orchid dog food

Peruvian dogs are quite picky eaters, their meals usually do not eat too much, so when raising them, you only need to feed them 3 meals a day just enough, do not overfeed because it easily leads to anorexia. You can use rice or normal dog food.

Besides, you should add protein, protein in lean meat, and small bones to help Peruvian dogs develop muscles and bones. Besides, you should not give them foods that contain too much spice.

How to care for and hygiene for Peruvian dogs

Peruvian dogs love to run and be active, so every day, you should take them out to play and train them in some games, such as picking up a ball or sitting on command. However, they are very sensitive to sunlight, heat, and dirt, so you must bathe them at least 3-4 times a month to remove dirt and bacteria.

Because this breed has no hair, you need to pay attention to keep them warm in the cold season; limit the Peruvian dog’s exposure to the sun from 12 to 2 hours to avoid being affected by the sun.

Common Peruvian dog health problems

Although the Peruvian dog breed is strong and agile, due to its lack of hair and small skeleton, health problems such as:

Gastroenteritis, intestinal disease: This disease can occur all year round and is most common in the summer when the weather is hot and humid. When sick with intestinal or stomach disease, Peruvian dogs will stop eating, vomiting, and diarrhea and need to be treated promptly to avoid leading to death.

Skin diseases: Because Peruvian dogs do not have hair, they are very susceptible to skin diseases when they are in direct skin contact with environmental factors. Therefore, you should clean them regularly.

Osteoarthritis: Because they like to run, jump and exercise, if they exercise too much, they can get tired, have sore feet, and, for a long time, will cause osteoarthritis.

Notes when taking care of Peruvian dogs

You should give your Peruvian dog vaccinations and deworming on a regular basis. You should let them out to exercise, run and jump to make them feel more comfortable, happy, and healthy. Finally, you should consult with your veterinarian about the Peruvian dog’s menu and the diet for this breed to get the right menu and amount of dog food.

Experience buying Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs

Price list of Peruvian dogs

The Peruvian dog is one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, with an expensive price tag. It can be said that the owners of this breed are usually people with stable finances. The average price of a purebred and documented Peruvian dog Inca Orchid ranges from $3000-4000.

The Peruvian dog breed is very expensive.
The Peruvian dog breed is very expensive.

Note when buying Peruvian dogs

When choosing to buy a Peruvian dog, you should consider its appearance carefully. If you are a puppy, you should buy one that weighs 3-5kg and is 15-20cm tall; an adult dog must weigh 8kg and be 30cm tall.

Besides, you should also consider their personality. Peruvian dog is a lively dog that loves to run and play, so you should choose energetic dogs, not moody dogs that look tired and do not like to run around because they may be sick or unhealthy.

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