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Korean Jindo Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

With a beautiful appearance and outstanding intelligence, Jindo dogs are loved by dog lovers worldwide and are considered the “Natural Treasures” of Korea.

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Learn about the Jindo dog breed

Origin of Korean Jindo dog

The Jindo dog originated in the land of Korean kimchi and was named after the island of Jindo, the first island it was found on. Previously, this island was isolated from the mainland, so most people did not know the existence of the Jindo dog.

In 1970, when the bridge connecting the island and the mainland was built, people knew about this intelligent dog and called it Jindo, also known as Chindo, JindoGae.

Initially, Jindo dogs were kept only for hunting purposes and trained as hunting dogs. Later, due to their keen sense of smell, intelligence, and loyalty, they were loved and raised as house pets, especially in the United States.

In 1962, the Jindo dog was honored to be recognized by Korea as the 53rd “Natural Treasure” in this country and protected by law.

Popular Korean Jindo dog coat colors

Most Korean Jindo dog breeds have only one coat color, not mixed with other colors. However, they come in quite a few different colors. Some popular colors include White, light yellow, brown, black, gray, …

Korean Jindo dog.
Korean Jindo dog.

In addition, for some hybrid Jindo dog breeds, their coat can be combined with other colors.

Korean Jindo dog appearance characteristics

Korean Jindo dogs are medium-sized; an adult Jindo is usually about 45-55 cm tall and weighs about 15-23 kg. Because they are originally hunting dogs, their body is slim, toned, and extremely agile.

In addition, Jindo dogs are also loved for their “handsome” appearance, opposite head, flat and wide forehead, and lovely pointed ears. Although the eyes are small, they are very sharp.

Also, the large and hearing nose, moderately long snout, and sharp teeth help their sniffing.

Korean Jindo dog personality traits

Jindo dogs have always been known for their loyal character. They are usually obedient and completely obey the commands of their owners. Many people think that even if a new owner adopts them, they will always remember their first owner.

In addition, intelligence and agility are also the hallmarks of this breed. Despite its gentle appearance, this dog is the first choice in training hunting dogs of the Korean army.

In addition, this dog is also very “excess energy.” They are very active and love to run and jump. If you have a Jindo dog, take them for walks regularly so they can run around in the spacious and airy space!

How to care for Jindo dog

Korean Jindo dog food

Because Jindo dogs are very active and often run and jump, they also need to be charged with enough energy and replenish water.

Not only that, but Korean Jindo dogs originated as hunting dogs, and their digestive organs are also designed to digest meat. Therefore, Jindo dog food should include protein-rich foods such as Beef, chicken, pork,…; You can also add fiber: Carrots, broccoli,…; starch: Potato, sweet potato, rice,…; vitamins and minerals: vegetables, fruits,…

In particular, you should not give them foods that contain too much spice.

How to care for and hygiene for Jindo dogs

Because of the good body, the Korean Jindo dog care does not need to be too strict. However, they are very clean, so they must be bathed about 3-4 times a month to remove dirt, bacteria, and parasites on their skin and fur. Besides, because their fur is not too long and they also have the habit of cleaning their hair, you do not need to worry too much about hair hygiene for them.

In addition, you should often take them to the park or places with a spacious yard so they can freely run, jump and have fun!

Common Jindo dog health problems

You can rest assured because the Korean Jindo dog breed is very healthy. They rarely suffer from diseases inherited from their parents or common diseases, and their life expectancy is also quite long compared to other dogs.

However, some cases of Jindo dogs will be likely to develop hypothyroidism. Although this is not a dangerous or rare disease, it causes your dog to become lethargic, lose its inherent vivacity, and cost much money and time to treat. So, you need to pay close attention to this problem and monitor their condition regularly; if there are any unusual symptoms, you should take them to the doctor for the fastest examination and treatment.

Notes when caring for Jindo dogs

You should vaccinate and deworm regularly. At the same time, you can also adjust the taste and amount of dog food accordingly or consult your veterinarian about the menu if needed.

Finally, although Korean Jindo dogs are very healthy, you should monitor their health regularly to detect and treat them as soon as possible when they get sick.

Note when buying Jindo dogs

Because the Korean Jindo dog breed is quite rare and has a very small quantity on the market, you should contact the big dog farms directly if you want to buy it. In addition, you should also look to buy in reputable places and have full documents to prove the origin.

Also, be careful with cases where the seller delivers the wrong dog breed or deliberately defrauds the buyer, causing the buyer to lose money and not receive the dog.

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