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Border Terrier Dog breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The Border Terrier is the smallest of the hunter breeds. However, their performance is not affected. They are a very diligent and tireless breed of dog. The Border Terrier can be a good companion.

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Border Terrier Origin

The Border Terrier breed, also known as the Coquetdale Terrier, is sometimes referred to as the “border hunting dog.” This breed originates from the 18th century in the Cheviot Hills region of Northeast England, near the border with Scotland.

The Border Terrier shares ancestral roots with the Dandie Dinmont Terrier breed. It was bred for fox hunting. With a small body, long legs, and agility, these dogs are able to easily squeeze through narrow openings to catch foxes hiding within them.

By the late 19th century, the Kennel Club in the UK recognized the Border Terrier breed. Aristocrats favored it for its hunting skills to accompany them on adventurous hunting trips.

In the 1930s, the Border Terrier breed gained popularity and was recognized by the American Kennel Club. They ranked 81st out of 155 recognized dog breeds and became popular as an adorable pet.

Physical characteristics of the Border Terrier dog

If you see a Border Terrier for the first time, you will be skeptical about whether they are hunting dogs. Their appearance and small size will remind us of a pet rather than a hunting dog. But it’s all just appearance; with that small appearance, they have an admirable ability.

Border Terrier Dog.
Border Terrier Dog.

The size of the Border Terrier is quite modest, less than 34cm in height. About weight: Males range from 6kg to 7kg, females from 5.2kg to 6.4kg.

The Border Terrier is a breed of dog that has special standards to evaluate its appearance and qualities. These are the important characteristics of this breed:

With a small head and wide forehead, the shape resembles an otter. The short muzzle and straight and wide nose help the dog to have a good sense of smell. Thick and firm lips cover the lower jaw without sagging.

The Border Terrier’s teeth are shaped like a scissor bite, with a distinctive canine and incisor structure.

The nose is usually black or can be brown as long as it matches the body’s overall look.

Border Terrier’s eyes are almond-shaped and not bulging. Their preferred color is dark, almost black, and their gaze is always creative and focused.

The Border Terrier’s eyebrows show a variety of expressions.

The small, triangular ears fit on the sides of the head and often hang down.

Their bodies should be strong well-balanced, with moderately long and slender necks. The back is broad and muscular, with a medium depth.

The Border Terrier’s limbs are slender, long, strong, and flexible, showing agility.

Their fur is not too thick, with a dense and somewhat stiff outer layer to protect them. The basic coat colors include red, greenish-brown, light brown, and gray.

In addition, Border Terriers also have whiskers on their muzzle, which is a notable feature.

Compliance with these standards is important to maintain the characteristic qualities and appearance of the Border Terrier breed.

Border Terrier dog personality traits

Border Terrier is a quite active and cheerful dog breed. They have high intelligence and are very cautious.

Border Terriers are very sociable and active. They are friendly with everyone, but when their family is threatened, they will become brave and ready to attack to protect their owner. No matter how large the enemy’s numbers are, it doesn’t affect their brave spirit.

Border Terrier Dog breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Border Terrie dogs are very suitable for family life. They are loyal and very loving and gentle with children. They can go with you anywhere. They will be noisy when playing and playing. But quiet and cautious when working. Border Terrie possesses a quite stable and calm mentality because of its high hunting instinct.

However, their predatory nature has one flaw: Keeping a Border Terrier with another animal together in the house is difficult. Even though they grew up together, sometimes they will have chases; A mouse or bird can also enter their sights. Keep them on a leash so they don’t harm other species.

Border Terrier is an ideal friend if you take care of them well. You should socialize them from a young age to help them become more obedient.

Health and Lifespan of Border Terrier Dogs

Border Terriers have quite good health. They can protect themselves when the temperature drops. However, they will still encounter some health problems, such as:

  • Cataracts in children
  • Retinal atrophy
  • Epilepsy in puppies
  • Allergy.

You should give your Border Terrier regular checkups so that it can develop fully.

A healthy Border Terrier can live 14-15 years. But if they are well cared for, they will live longer.

Border Terrier price

The price of a Border Terrier dog can depend on many factors, such as origin, quality of parents, reputation of the breeder, and geographical location.

If you are interested in buying a Border Terrier, it is best to seek information from trusted breeders’ websites that specialize in dog breeding or join dog forums to get an overview regarding the price and process of buying a dog. Make sure you choose a reliable source and buy your dog from a good quality and healthy source for the puppies.

The average price of a Border Terrier puppy is between $800 – $1500.

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