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American Bandogge breed – Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

The American Bandogge is a dog breed with a large, strong body, very loyal to its owner, and possesses a very strong fighting ability.

Many people choose to raise American Bandogges for the purpose of protection because they are always highly vigilant towards strangers. If you are considering raising an American Bandogge, please learn some information beforehand from this article.

Learn about the American Bandogge breed

Origin of American Bandogge

Some documents say that the American Bandogge is an old dog breed that originated in England in the Middle Ages.

Since ancient times, American Bandogges have been assigned to guard the house for their owners. Because of their aggressive, aggressive nature at night, they are released to protect the owner’s home from thieves.

During the day, they will be chained to ensure the safety of children and other family pets. So far, American Bandogges have been in combat duty because their abilities and personalities match very well.

Today’s American Bandogge is the perfect product of a cross between an American PitBull Terrier and a Neapolitan Mastiff; these are two large, strong, mighty, and resilient dogs, and so is the American Bandogge.

Popular American Bandogge coat colors

American Bandogge dogs have short hair and some popular colors such as Black, white, fawn, gray, brindle, sand…

American Bandogge breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

American Bandogge dog appearance characteristics

American Bandogge dogs are large in size, weighing on average from about 60cm to 70cm and weighing 45kg to 65kg. It is a stocky, muscular dog with small, upright ears. They have a long, tapered tail, a broad skull, shoulders, and a muscular chest. The coat is few, short, and often shiny if well cared for.

Personality traits of an American Bandogge

American Bandogges are known for their intelligent, confident, protective, and aggressive personalities. They can be very dangerous to strangers when provoked. So you can see some American Bandogge attacks happening, so they are banned from farming in some countries.

However, they are usually calm, loyal, and happy with their families. Understandably, American Bandogges are friendly with people they know and dangerous with those they don’t know.

American Bandogge breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

In particular, American Bandogges are known as babysitters because they protect and treat children with love. When they are trained and socialized, they will turn into gentle giants.

How to take care of an American Bandogge

American Bandogge dog food

The American Bandogge breed is large and fast-growing, using balanced and nutrient-rich food. Certain foods include lean chicken, rabbit, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products. You can cook your own at home, but you should use premium ready-made dog foods if you don’t have time.

American Bandogge breed - Origin, Characteristic, Personality, Care

Their bodies are large and move a lot, so be prepared to drink water. American Bandogges often drool, so they need to change their drinking water regularly to avoid unwanted diseases.

How to care for and hygiene for American Bandogge dogs

American Bandogges have a short coat, so they are easy to brush. Remove loose hair with a brush twice a week. Brushing them regularly from a young age will make them happy until adulthood. Check their ears and eyes regularly, and don’t forget to trim their toenails.

Common American Bandogge health problems

American Bandogges are healthy dogs but can suffer from some of the same diseases as other large breeds. The common disease in American Bandogges is related to the hip and elbow bones because if they are active regularly, they are chained a lot. Some other diseases that American Bandogge can have include intestinal diseases, cataracts, glaucoma …

Notes when taking care of American Bandogges

Despite being a healthy breed, you must keep your pet fully vaccinated. American Bandogge puppies need to be vaccinated for the first time at 6 to 8 years old against diseases such as rabies, scabies, and hepatitis. Besides, give your dog regular exercise to maintain good health.

Notes when buying an American Bandogge

  • Purchase dogs with clear origins and certification papers.
  • Choose puppies that are healthy, agile, and have smooth fur.
  • Select a reputable buying address with a good warranty policy.
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